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The inability to create animated basic set cards.

After the update on the tightening of the economy of Gwent, one flaw appeared, it is connected with the impossibility of creating basic set cards. Previously, they could only be created for scraps, now they can not be converted from ordinary to animated, nor can they be created EXCELLENTLY, an example is the screenshots that I attached, not only this card have such a problem, thank you for your attention to my complaint, I hope for its quick solution.


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Yep, they didn't provide any information about this issue after the update. So really how should I create the remaining Premium Starter cards...
The Witcher Trio, how do i craft the premium version of them? I right click them and there's only 1 option: BACK
Anybody can explain me how do i craft the premium version of the 3 cards?
I'm assuming you mean the three witchers (Eskel, Lambert and Vesemir). They are starter cards, and as such cannot be transmuted.
With premiums no longer being craftable with scraps, obtaining premium versions of starter cards is, at the moment, not possible. This has been discussed quite a lot recently.

See Changes to GWENT’s economy and full mill value refund policy
Oh ok....because i have seen some opponents with them animated's sad that we cannot craft them there any major reason behind that change?
Oh ok....because i have seen some opponents with them animated's sad that we cannot craft them there any major reason behind that change?
I mean you can still convert them to premium with powder if you want to. Purchase a few reward nodes that give you meteorite powder and you'll be able to upgrade those three base cards to their premium versions pretty fast.
Hello,after the last patch i see no way to do that.I still have 5 cards of the basis set left that i like to transform to the animated version but i cant.When i go to the normal card there is only the "Back" button and when i go to the premium version there is no option to craft.In the kegs you will not find any animated versions of the base set cards ( i do not why)so how i can get these ???
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Hi, I cannot craft the animated version of prize - winning cow ( even if I have the base version); I only have the mill option ( which is disabled). What Am I doing wrong? Thank you!
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Prize-Winning Cow is a starter (base set) card, meaning it cannot be transmuted (or milled). And with the new changes to the game economy, premiums cannot be crafted with scraps. This leads to a situation where animated starter cards, such as the cow, cannot be obtained at the moment.
So how do you craft premium starter cards now?

If you havent crafted Witcher trio or any other starter premium card before latest update to economy its impossible to craft em now.

Any word on this from CDPR????

Again i post to Technical because i have no choice...

I'm still having trouble grasping how Premium Cards work. So i have two standard Thunderbolt Cards and one Premium one. I cannot transmute the standard cards. I also cannot use scraps to build the Premium one. So how will i ever get a second Thunderbolt Premium Card? I don't remember how i got the one i have.
Thunderbolt is a starter (base set) card, so I'm going to merge this with a related thread.
Basically, right now it is impossible to get premium versions of starter cards, but Burza has said it will be fixed soon.