The Killing Moon quest briggs entire playthrough: Weapons, implants and grenades are permanently disabled

The the DLC quest the killing moon, your give up your weapons and then your implants are disabled when going through the space port security.
Later on the roof you get your weapons back and you get a message that your implants are reactivated.
The problem is that this isn't the case. I'm still unable to use any weapons, consumables or grenades. Enemies will also not shoot at me.

Furthermore and that is the most important point: This block is global for my playthrough!!!!!
Weapons are disabled in ALL save games, meaning the entire playthrough is brigged and unuseable.

I had mods installed when running into the issue (see screenshot). However, even after a complete re-install of the game it's still broken.

I've attached two save files: One on the roof, right before you are supposted to get your weapons back and another before starting the mission.

Please send me a fixed save file or a console command to re-enable weapons and disable the invurnability state.

Edit: The weapon lock was caused by the mission "No Easy Way Out". There at the end, the lock is activated. My issue was that there was no escape from the room. The door was simply locked. I used the fast travel mod to get out, which then didn't re-enable the weapons.
Directly afterwards I was contacted for the killing moon quest, that's why I didn't noticed.

The issue is solved, the tread can be closed.


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