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The Library (or 'Now reading...')



Years ago I was reading books everywhere and everything. But lets be honest it was before Netflix and phone games (at least for me). And that's my problem, do you have any idea how to go back to reading? I would love to read again The Witcher, and few otheres books but how to do that?
It's challenging, however, I find I get much more reading done when I ignore screen-based technology for at least a couple days on my own, or am otherwise forced to do so by external circumstances. Afterwards, I'm usually able to concentrate on written text much more easily. No guarantee this will work -- or would be convenient -- for others, of course, but it's worth a shot.


Nothing right now, but I'm thinking of starting a good sci-fi book and i'm currently undecided between Dan Simmon's Hyperion and Vernon Virge's Rainbow's End, i'm leaning more towards Rainbow's End cause of the cyberpunk theme. Still if anyone here read them and wants to share impressions, they are welcomed.
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My favorite Dan Simmons novels are Ilium and Olympos. Because I'm a Shakespeare nut. And, I love Greek mythology. And, theories of quantum physics. Don't see the connection? Read the novels! :D


I actually have two books that I am in the process of reading right now, but one has been put on the back burner.
The one I am actively reading is the first part of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. I'm going to have a hard time hunting down all the 20+ parts of the series; it'll take some juggling between libraries.

I've read about a third of the book so far, and it's awesome. :D

(The other book doesn't even have an English translation, so I'm not going to mention it since most likely no one would recognize it if I did. :p )


...Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series...
Trumpets / fireworks / dance of joy (obviously [:p]).

For anyone else who wants to read these, New Spring is not actually a part of the core story. That was kind of a prequel / spin-off that was produced based on leftover notes. Personally, I would read it as an aside. I feel it spoils the characters of Lan and Moiraine if they're introduced like that.


I'm in the process of finishing a book about the filming of the first Blade Runner. (What a mess that production was. Holy schnikies.)


Currently reading the fictional history of the Targaryen's in "Blood and Fire." Good stuff if your into A Song of Ice and Fire lore.


Sweet Sunday is a great book dealing about political issues in the 1960s and its about a detective who tracks down kids who escaped to Canada to avoid the raffle draw to send them to Vietnam, for a price of course. After chasing one punk all the way to Toronto, when he returns to New York everything has changed, and he finds himself drawn to his own family mysteries.