The Pickup- Can't meet with Jackie REASON FOUND, the EXACT culprit (La Collecte)

I figured out EXACTLY what makes this mission impossible to do when you don't have a tracker to get to Jackie and he's not at All Foods. It has nothing to do with calling militech. This bug happens right in the beginning of the quest. After you talk to Eve(lyn) and you get the SD and she lets you out the door, you will get a call from Dex. Press I immediately, open your messages, and make sure you've read all your texts just in case, especially Jackie. Soon after that call, you will get a text from JACKIE. PRESS Z BUT DO NOT RESPOND. PRESS ESCAPE. Maybe you can even ignore it but doing this actually made the tracker appear so I could find him at All Foods. This text is the reason why the quest doesn't update properly. Answering this message immediately will bug the quest and make it impossible to follow the main story. This is what they have to fix somehow to make progression possible after fixing this bug. I nearly restarted the game because of this. I know this isn't a solution really without going back a few hours in your saves, but this is exactly what causes the issue and how I fixed it. I'll attach three files, one with a screenshot of how the phone looks like bugged, one where you can choose the reply after you do the thing that doesn't bug it, and how it should look. The bugged one will show that Jackie has sent two messages in a row. The other shows how it -should- look if the quest is to move on. Btw, you can reply to him AFTER the tracker is made. Ignore the first time (but open the message and close it), then reply. And I'm sending the picture through my phone instead of actual screenshots because I can't be bothered to find the numerical name amongst my many steam games to pull the screenshot out. Edit: It still may be bugged even if it looks like my third screenshot. This means that you still replied immediately after getting the text. Remember: open, then close, then you can reply.

Finalement, pour les francophones, si vous ne pouvez pas voir Jackie dans la quête "La Collecte": Après avoir parlé avec Eve(lyn) et elle vous laisse sortir, Dex vous appelera. Soyez certain que tous vos messages sont lu à ce point (appuyez i et allez aux messages sur journal.) Bientôt, après l'appel, Jackie vous appelera. NE REPONDEZ PAS TOUT DE SUITE. APPUYEZ SUR "Z" POUR OUVRIR LE MESSAGE MAIS NE REPONDEZ PAS! APPUYEZ SUR Esc ET VOUS VERREZ LE MARQUER APPARAÎTRE POUR REJOINDRE JACKIE
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Another thing- MANUALLY save your games often. Quicksaves are overwritten over time. Autre chose : sauvegardez souvent votre jeu MANUELLEMENT. Les sauvegardes rapides ne restent toujours. Et j'ai voulu dire que Jackie vous envoyerait une message, pas vous appelez, mais si vous attendez un appel et n'ouvrez pas la message, la quête ne sera peut-être pas buggé de toute façon.
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And apparently you can't even switch off the quest in any circumstance. You -have- to meet with him first. Don't answer any calls from Regina or anyone else once the tracker is active. Stay on this quest. If you want to call the Militech lady, go to Jackie first just to make sure he's loaded in. DO NOT get too close to him yet. Do not talk to him. Manually save here just in case. Call the Militech lady. Go there, get the chip, unlock it, and then you should be able to get back to Jackie.

Fr: NE CHANGEZ PAS LA QUÊTE. Ça effacera le marqueur. Ne répondez pas aux appels de Regina ou qui que ce soit. Allez à Jackie mais gardez votre distance. NE LUI PARLEZ PAS À MOINS VOUS NE VOULEZ PAS L'AIDE DE LA FEMME DE MILITECH. Appelez la femme. Y aller. Déverrouiller l'éclat. Revenez à Jackie. Continuez


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