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The Silver Trail awaits!



Junior Member
I think CDPR is running out of ideas.

Is the next one going to be entertainment at the forest - only ScoiaTael cards


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This is the best version of arena so far. The silver pool must be the right size because so far none of the games feel the same., even when a lot of cards are the same.


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Eh nah this is sub par compared to the other modes they released recently... all silver decks are boring.
Only fun thing I encountered is a skall cursed deck spam, witcher spams and witch spams.


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It was quite ok but Goldrush or Mimikry was much more fun (How about a mimikry Goldrush combination?). Would be nice to see one or both modes again since we already have to wait a long time for homecoming. I think nobody will cry if one of these mode will also then stay longer then some days.