The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

I have only recently discovered that this project is a thing and i have got to say that what you guys are doing is phenomenal, i don't know what state the project is in right now but i only hope that some day it reaches a finished state(hopefully soon) :).

This is so much looking awesome I hope this 'beep' sounds meant more good news coming anyway thank you so much for your effort guys you are doing incredible work on this Vlad HUD mod :)
I really would like to see something unusual with that mode.
Guys ,is it possible to add very important things in the new mode?
Vran armor
Dark Mode armors (Blasphemer ,Oathbreaker, Kinslayer full sets of armors)
Dancer Sword
Forgotten vran sword
Addan Deith - the sword is undeservedly forgotten in 3rd game.
Wight sword
Give a way of choosing. Quen in 2nd game can be blue and flame. It could be cool if the 3rd game can have shown the blue version.
The same situation of Aard and the Iced Aard.

I know we can't return Iorwerth,but you can return something important for alots of gamers,who waited for it.
Kept an eye on the project for a while. Can only wait for a beta or release of some sort! Great work guys!
Is this mod still working in progress? I just wanted ask if the UI mod will still release, when its done? I'm asking because after the last update been a while :/
Oh, take care mate I didn't knew you're working on healthcare sector I hope this virus problem can resolve in next days, healthcare professionals like you can they have time for taking yourself :)

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Hello there!

Someone previously asked about other languages on this topic. My question is, will it work in Polish?

Apart from that, I only have one more question. From what I can see, the project has been running for 3 years. Is there a chance it will come out in 2021 or later?

Anyway, great job, keep it up :)
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