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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition available on Linux!

Another update:

We have just set up a beta on Steam, called "linux_public_beta". This is where we're going to be posting our betas of work-in-progress so far. This first beta contains the following:

* Multimonitor support
* Improved support for gamepads, and workarounds for problems in xpad
* Improved stability.. the game should crash a lot less now. We still see the occasional crash on exit, inside the nvidia driver. We're working on finding out if this is an issue with the 331.38 driver or with our code.

Note that this doesn't yet include any of our DX9 multithread rework, as that's still in progress. We thought we'd put this out here so that we can get some feedback from you guys on what we have done so far, and also show that we really are working on making this port better :)

Please opt-in, and tell us how things are. You can head on over to the Github issue tracker for the game, and post there:

I especially like that they actively use community Github repo for bug tracking.
@Licaon_Kter: Better late than never. But I agree, that's quite late, considering when the original game came out. Still, not as long as it took for some other titles.

So roughly around 3.5 years until the optimized version from the initial release. I wonder how long it will take for the Witcher 3...
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The game has worked well so far :) I didn't catch if I received an update, but vysnc works much better now. The other graphical settings for the most part (e.g. ubersampling) are usable and work as expected on my system :guitar:. The biggest, and so far only, issue is the game hangs when coming entering and/or exiting a cut-scene. Just a few seconds, but enough to be noticeable. When Dandelion was telling the story on the video to Flotsam, it got quite bad and I thought the game was going to explode, but after a few seconds it smoothed out.

I only use a few mods, and they all work as expected with the Linux game :D

Scabbard Rextexture
Geralt with a Beard mod work. The beard looks quite good :yes Need to test @Dragonbird 's Santa outfit with this :D
Bag instead of book on armor
Sell Quest Items (very handy for all those keys)
Black Alchemy Gloves
...and the nude Succubus :ice: which I haven't seen yet since I am in Act I

I guess there is still no word on Redkit or Redkit mods like Lykaon or FCR.
Will do. It seems like a pretty minor issue so far, but silence won't get it looked at ;)`

Although, those few seconds of transition lag may not seem so "minor" if it gets Geralt squished by a kayran, haha.
An exciting update from Virtual Programming about fixing performance issues:
Linux Public Beta 2 - buildID 341339
We have just updated our public beta with the first beta of our new D3D9 engine. This now employs a technique similar to WINE's CSMT patches - all OpenGL work is now done by a single worker thread, which the D3D9 engine submits commands to. This means that there is only a single GL context, and this makes management a lot easier for the driver.

So far we've seen quite significant performance gains on nVidia hardware. AMD, with fglrx 14.4 rev 2 is not quite so dramatic -we're working with AMD on that.

We'd also like feedback about the MESA radeonsi driver - we've heard that this is getting good enough to run the game, and we'd like some wider news on it.

Please opt-in, and tell us how things are. You can head on over to the Github issue tracker for the game, and post there:
Can anyone with access to the beta compare performance with Wine / CSMT?
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Anyone can access the beta: Steam -> TW2 -> right click -> Properties -> Beta -> opt in -> ok
Not if you aren't a Steam user :) (I'm not). I usually try to avoid beta games which I didn't play yet, however TW2 could be a perfect candidate for testing, since I already played it in Wine. Unfortunately GOG doesn't offer such beta programs for testing like Steam. That's something they can think about.
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Not if you aren't a Steam user :) (I'm not). I usually try to avoid beta games which I didn't play yet, however TW2 could be a perfect candidate for testing, since I already played it in Wine. Unfortunately GOG doesn't offer such beta programs for testing like Steam. That's something they can think about.
Not that Steam is the only platform that has the Linux version or something. :p

Update works ok ( ) not on par with WINE+CSMT patches yet, but better.
any one still play witcher 2 got problems with the kayran think my pc is lil old and not reconizing the buttons but the rest of the game to the kayran plays fine.
@babalone: You mean the Linux beta 2 version? Performance of eON is reportedly better than before, but it's still behind Wine with CSMT. So if you really want to play the game in full, use Wine + CSMT for now. Hopefully Virtual Programming will be able to improve performance even more (and may be even surpass Wine, who knows).

For general help with kayran see also this thread.
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cool played it whne i got witcher 2 had same problem couldnt get the buttons to read when mashen like to play it out see rest of the game just reinstalled it last week and back to kayran
Witcher 2 for Linux beta 3 update is out:

Public Beta 3 - buildID 352258

This contains the following:
Optimised shader compilation to link OpenGL programs in waves, instead of one by one, which makes it possible to speed it up using threaded shader compilation on some cards.
Drawing of fullscreen quads optimised
Optimized out some memory barrier commands from OpenGL command queue
OpenGL rendering never lags more than one frame behind commands given by D3D, which should reduce mouse lag.
Added better reporting of missing extensions in game log, to make it more visible when the game is slow due to OpenGL not supporting various features.
Undid the regression of fullscreen monitor selection support - this should now work correctly again

Also added is a new sound backend - using openal-soft instead of SDL's audio. We've had better performance out of this with FMOD, so we added it here to see if it improves the sound situation. Note that this now means the "Audio" option in the configuration options no longer functions, and openal-soft will use an .alsoftrc if you have one. If you have any audio problems, and have a custom .alsoftrc, please attach it to any bug reports.

We're still finding out what's going on with the game and AMD cards being a lot slower than it should be.. please bear with us!
Please opt-in, and tell us how things are.
Witcher 2 for Linux beta 4 update:

Public Beta 4 - buildID 355503

This contains the following:

OpenGL worker thread now goes to sleep when it can, freeing up a cpu core for other things. This really helps speed up level loads especially.
Optimised our use of memory barriers and using coherent buffers where appropriate
Optimised handling of fences
Use ARB_texture_storage for texture uploads. Again, should improve level loading times.
Optimised our OpenGL state cache

Most of these performance optimisations are best seen on nVidia hardware at the moment. Major performance improvements are expected in the near future through the work of AMD and Intel driver developer teams.

We're aware of two potential crash on exit bugs.. one appears to be nvidia driver related. We're still chasing the other one.

Please opt-in, and tell us how things are.
I hope Virtual Programming would continue improving it. It's still reported to be performing worse than in Wine, but in general much better than the first released version.
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The Witcher 2 for Linux "release 2" is out:

19 Aug 2014 13:06 BST

Release 2 - buildID 359285

Since as Beta 4 seems to be such a wide improvement both performance and stability wise, we have chosen to make this the current release.

The only change from buildID 355503, is that we are now shipping openal-soft 1.16.0 with the game.

This "Release 2" doesn't mean we are done with improving things, but it does mean we feel that we have improved enough to consign the initial release to the bin :) We still have some more ideas on how to get more performance out of our D3D9 engine, but before we can look at implementing those we are waiting on improvements from both AMD and Intel on the driver front.

The beta branch has therefore now been disabled, and Steam should revert you to the default branch, ie "Opt out of all betas". Please check Steam has done this, and revert if necessary. It may take a client restart before Steam will notice the new default branch.

Thanks for all the constructive feedback so far!
It probably means that it might be coming to GOG at last. The line about Intel / AMD might mean some OpenGL 4.5 features. Anyway, it's good to see they still plan to improve it in the future.
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