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The Witcher 2 received 50 awards

The Witcher 2 received 50 awards

The end of each year is the time when world's largest gaming media hand out their nominees and awards to the best games of passing twelve months. We are pleased to announce that we've managed to gather 50 awards in just few recent weeks!
We would like to use this opportunity to thank our fans and journalists for very enthusiastic reception of our game and generous number of awards presented to Assassins of Kings lately. Below is a breakdown of recent awards given to The Witcher 2:
-Best PC graphics – IGN
-Best Adaptation or Use of License – Gamespot
-Best PC Game of 2011 – Gamasutra
-Best PC of 2011 – Egamer
-Studio of the Year (CD Projekt RED) – Egamer
-Best PC Game of 2011 – Kotaku
-Best PC Game of 2011 - Capsule Computers
-Best PC Game – WhatifGaming
-Best Story – Gametrailers
-Best European PC Game - Fun & Serious Game Festival
-Best Game Design – European Games Awards
-Best Gameworld – European Game Awards
-Best Special Edition – European Game Awards
-Best European Script - Fun & Serious Game Festival
-Best Graphics Technology – WhatifGaming
-Best Looking Game - Giant Bomb
-Best Voice Acting – WhatifGaming
-Fanboy Award for Best PC Game - Gamesradar
-Best European RPG Game - Fun & Serious Game Festival
-Top 20 at Wired - Wired
-Best Graphics - GameBanshee
-RPG of the Year - GameBanshee
-Best RPG Narrative - Gameinformer
-Best RPG Protagonist - Gameinformer
-Best RPG Combat System - Gameinformer
-Best Voice Cast - Rpgsite
-Best Story - Vadejuegos
-Best RPG - Vadejuegos
-Best PC Game - Vadejuegos
-Game of the Year - Vadejuegos
Congratulations, hopefully all of these boost your confidence even more, so the Witcher 3 is bigger, better and braver in taking the genre forward!
Just that? Men! The game deserves a LOT more of prizes!
But, they are all deserved! Congratulations CD Projekt Red! And everyone who participated of The Witcher 2.
Unfortunately, Skyrim took GOTY in too many places. While Skyrim is great, I don't see it being nearly as good as TW2.
Congratulations to everyone who participate in devoloping this great game. It give me resonable confidence that Europe CAN be leader in gaming industry in near future acording great talents, hard workers and surprisingly gifted artists like in "Witcher" serial.