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The Witcher 2 received 50 awards

AnthonyF1227 said:
Unfortunately, Skyrim took GOTY in too many places. While Skyrim is great, I don't see it being nearly as good as TW2.
Skyrim was on everyone's mind at the time most awards were given out because it had just been released. I think it's a testament to just how good Witcher 2 was that it got as many awards as it did considering it was released earlier in the year. Personally, I found Skyrim boring and I've played Bethesda games for years.
As has been said by many others, those awards are well deserved and, if anything, too few. It seems Game of the year doesn't mean the best game, or the most original and worth remembering, but simply the game most people enjoyed the most. Add to that that Skyrim was recently released and incredibly hyped, and it's no surprise it took home so many awards. In my opinion, though Skyrim was by no means a bad game, it didn't really innovate or surprise. It had little more than its huge Bethesda trademark world, the combat, story and characters were average at best, and generally worse. It felt more like The Elder Scrolls No. 5 than Skyrim, if you know what I mean. Whereas The Witcher 2...

*blissfully happy silence*
IGN almost never fails - bulls eye this time.

Every other award listed here besides graphic is a joke. I know at least 5 people that never played the game after 2nd town... so who can tell what is the story like? We certainly can not...

Next time, make a game liiiittle more harder and more hilarious - 987293874234 ingredients in every barrel that level designer place on the map.

I never dreamed that Skyrim would wipe the floor with Witcher 2 :`(

Back to combat system like in Witcher 1 and maybe me and my friends will buy the game.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

After all those awards Witcher 2 for Xbox marketing campaign can get a nice, "award winning RPG" touch! :)
Congratulations to CDPR for another well-deserved slate of awards!

(Sorry my congrats are late; I've been out sick.)
Just to add one award to those - Michal Kicinski, CDP co-founder has won an "Enterpreneur of the Year 2011" award, given by one of the most influential Polish business newspapers.

Good to hear that CDP & Witcher are also considered a good business.
Congratulations! I think you deserve it and much more, as a big fan I appreciate your hard work and look forward to the future!
Congratulations CDPR, you deserved all of it! Now where's our Game of the Year Edition and some cool stuff like ubber swords and armor sets, I can't finish the game even on easy, hahaha! I'm looking forward for your next game or even a standalone expansion.
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