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"The Witcher 3 Complete Edition Strategy Guide" worth it if you've beaten the game?



"The Witcher 3 Complete Edition Strategy Guide" worth it if you've beaten the game?

I've played the game 2 times, also the DLCs. I recently bought "The world of the witcher 3" and HOLY S*** that book is GREAT.

So now I'm thinking about buying this collector's guide. I know the book would look great next to the dark horse figures (please tell me there will be a Vesemir figure in the future!!), but if I buy a 30 euros book I want something interesting to read. So what I want to know is if there's some extra information about the characters, places and lore in general in the book. I know it's a guide, but some guides besides the detailed walkthrough of the game, have some interesting extra information about the world and lore, and I would love to know if this is one of those guides (knowing the love CD project puts into all their games/merchandise I wouldn't be surprised if it was)

Thank you in advance!! :cheers:


Bought the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition Collector's Guide, which includes two nice "exclusive" lithos. The lithos are exclusive. The images, however, are quite common. Of course if you want to hang these on a wall or in a frame, a litho is of course of higher quality than a printed screen wallpaper.

The guide contains information about characters. Don't know if it contains extra information. It is still a guide about a game and not some standalone atlas about the Witcher universe. With regard to the game, it must be stated that the guide is complete and each page contains lots of information (the complete game needed to fit on +- 800 pages). A nice feature is the indexing annotations on the maps. So first of all you now where side quests are located as well as which side quests are located in some specific place. That way you can look up the quest details. Before, having the book, I googled the quest titles.

Buying that physical edition, also gives free access to the e-guide via your web browser. The e-guide contains interactive maps, some videos and nice indexing mechanisms. Furthermore, you get access to an art book related to characters and locations. The images displayed in the latter sections, are all new to me. Some people will possible have published these as well illegally on the web, but so far I actually have seen them the first and only time in this e-guide.

So a physical hardcover and digital guide of the best game made so far containing all the details, some personal additions like strategies and load outs, and way more, centralized in one location, and written and formalized with love for the Witcher franchise for 35 EUR? Guess you can figure out the answer yourself ;)


I don't know which one to recommend, but I can say the following. I'm on my 5th playthrough...and I'm still discovering new things. I would imagine you will gain something from the guide if you wish to play again.