The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL

hi, I have downloaded and reinstalled the game from steam deleting game saves, but nothing does not work, do not understand where the problem is. I apologize for my English, but I do not speak the language.
beorhted: Forgive me for asking something silly, but does the game run without the mod?

Also, how did you extract the mod? It comes compressed, maybe the program that you used to extract it is corrupting something, perhaps?

(It would also be nice to see what you have inside the modHDReworkedProject folder, just to verify everything is OK)
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I have this folder, installed with NMM


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beorhted;n8108640 said:
I have this folder, installed with NMM

That looks like the correct install path. I am curious to know how you have come to the conclusion that the mod does in fact not work? Probably the most obvious sign would be the rock textures...

Also, have you tried installing a different texture mod just to see if any texture mods are working in your game at all?
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Mod installed with NMM and mod settings by hand, I tried to put the mod by pulling it out by hand but it does not work, use old savegames, may be the ones to do work? thanks for the help


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Interesting! Your Main Menu looks like it is the normal non-GOTY version of the game! The GOTY version does not show the "Installed" text for the expansions.

You may have both the normal and GOTY versions of the game installed.
beorhted;n8108950 said:
I refer to the stool and tables. in fact I only installed this mod
This isn't good comparison. Not all stools and tables are replaced. Some of them are still original because they probably have separate meshes (which I haven't changed yet).
Instead of stools or tables, look at the rocks or something else, and then you can easily check if mod works fine.
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Yes, I bought the steam goty but gave it to me as well. can this be the problem?


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