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How much $ of a patron one must be to get individual files for the purpose of recooking the mod to be uncookable for personal use?

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Some ground puddle-surrounding textures in Novigrad are broken. I have not figured it out yet, but I'll upload a patch later. I think its one of the texarray problems.

The specific torch_hand meshes were in the wrong directory and thus not appearing in the game. Placing them in correct directory resulted in game crash. I re-created them from functional torch meshes and re-uploaded as a separate mod that can be found here - . Please credit Halk!

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More and more people report terrain bugs and incorrect guard arms. My Nexus mailbox is filling up with requests to fix your mod, just like I fixed many others. I think I can fix HDRP10 bugs, but I need original texture files because you make your mods as uncookable-as-possible no matter what people advice, including myself, and great modders like OpenGrip and Hyadum. Without original files, I would have to re-cook (which means re-COMPRESS) from already compressed textures. Cooking/compressing already compressed textures = quality reduction. I need original TGA's, at least for ALL of your texarray, terrain, and road textures... I would also appreciate original quality vegetation (grass, trees) DDS files... I know it's a LOT of files and space because texarray textures have to be cooked together and there are 64 (I think), for each level.

Halk, please release your textures in original format and I will recook your mod correctly to fix bugs. I don't make money from that or ever ask for credit. I, just like all your other fans, simply want to enjoy your mod without bugs. You're great at art with amazing talent, but you do need help with testing your mod and cooking it. There's no shame in asking for help... I do it ALL the time :D.
So many textures and models to explore, a really nice mod update with 10.0. Anyone notice it has faint lines in the snow? They appear to be repeating textures like a rake was lightly pulled over the snow.

It's probably difficult to make good snow and sand without any repeating textures in any game.
Sometimes repeating textures in snow can be made to look like natural ripples in the snow although it may not be easy to do.
Can anyone help me.. I just downloaded the Witcher 3 last night. I am trying to install this mod. The options on Nexus mods have 3 downloads. The instructions say to only install the first 2. I tried that. Nothing. I tried all 3. Nothing. These are the most recent ones with big fixes.

what folders need to be moved or renamed? i have a bin..but thats always been there..i get a new mods folder only..nothing changes...this is the GOTY version.. 1.32.. GOG games.. would this pose as a problem? I have a "GOG/games/Witcher3" folder but I also have a Documents/Games/Witcher3 folder. They both seem to have files relating to the game.

Either way I never get an option in Graphics to adjust to the mod settings; only low, medium, high, and ultra.

Please can anyone help me. Step by step would be nice. I'm pretty comfortable with installing mods and any game but this has me stumped.
You need all three parts of the mod. Install them in consecutive order, starting with part 1.
The installer asks you for your game folder, that would be GOG/games/Witcher3.

It also asks you if you want to install optional things like ultra HD config and priorities. Those are not necessary for the textures to work. Choose them if you want.

After installing all three parts, there should be a "Mods" folder in your game folder. In it should be the three parts of hdrp. There are a few examples in game where it is easy to see if the mod works. Braziers for example, and anchors lying around the novigrad harbor.

(Wrote this from memory since I'm away from my gaming PC.)
Geralt's head model passes through the texture of the collar of armor. How to solve a problem?
Please help.
After installing HDRP 1.10, talking to any NPC triggers loading screens, where the screen goes blurry and it takes 10-15 seconds for the game to load the dialoge voice or menu.

edit: pc restart solved the issue.
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