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The Witcher 3: Screenshot & Artwork collection

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If you're asking about the sword, if you look closely you can see it's stuck between the silver sword's scabbard and Geralt's back, obviously a glitch of some sort.

If you're asking about the joke, I was referring to this infamous screenshot BioWare released a while ago.
Well technically they never officially "released" them as far as I know but..................... if you think that's bad....

Then you clearly didn't notice sword out of scabbard, trophy hook coming out of Geralt's butt and the arrow through his chest in this screenshot

EDIT: Just to clarify before some 'hero' jumps up to say something, none of those things bother me and shouldn't anyway. I have no misguided idea that clipping will be completely eliminated from videogames soon... or at all within this decade atleast. Just found the picture funny.
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What makes you say clipping will be eliminated from videogames?
But... I just said I don't think it will.

If you mean EVENTUALLY(XXX number of years) then well I guess the more time passes and processing power increases, combined with faster, efficient physics engines, the more 'physically enabled' objects, the lesser clipping we'll see but that's in the long term not anytime soon.
EDIT: Obviously, it may go in a completely different direction but that's why it's called speculation... and I'll end this here, it's not really on-topic.
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Who's on the left and right?
Nobody knows. I keep saying that the guy on the left is Avallach.

Yeah, I'm really not liking the Wild Hunt design. Since everything else looks amazing I'm fine with that, but I'd prefer a subtler, approach and a bit more finesse.
Considering the WH true background i think its intentional of them to not be subtle about it.


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