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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition -- Launch Trailer!

'You're trying to trick me into giving something away.'
That picture reminded me of Iorveth for a moment. ;) Not that there is much chance of that being the surprise.

The witcher 3 has 3 diferent endings you know it, right?
Actually, more than that, if I counted right, it has 27 witcheress endings, 9 empress endings, and 9 bad endings, at least based on which combinations of these slides can be seen in the game. But that is more than what was advertised before the release of the game, perhaps there are more ending states that are mutually exclusive ?

I can't wait three hours! Better be something good.
Since it was said that there will be no new content, I would not expect anything major, perhaps something in the extras ?