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The Witcher: Farewell of The White Wolf



OMG ! Finally some people are bringing TW2 redkit back !! A few weeks back I was saying that we needed that to make CDPR confident in to making a Redkit 2. I still believe in this idea. I hope lots of more modder will start a similar thing. Rustine you and your buddies I love you. Seriously.


What? You had Triss for the whole time in The Witcher 1 and 2, how do you date to ask for more Triss? :D
What do first two games have to do with ignoring the endings of third one ? If this is a mod that is intended to be an epilogue to the Witcher game series* (which it does not really need, to be honest), perhaps it is not too unreasonable to expect it to take into account the possible endings, or at least those that are relevant to Geralt's fate ? That would definitely not be impossible, even if it would require more work.

In some sense, I think it is a good thing that there is no REDkit for The Witcher 3. In a game where the story and choices are very important (unlike in a "sandbox" game like Skyrim that is more about exploring the world and mostly unrelated mini-stories, and is thus ideal for quest mods), it is more of a problem when modders "censor" the original story by making changes to it or by trying to "canonize" choices they are pushing as the only right ones. If such mods became mainstream, all the biased and/or low quality fan fiction would be damaging to the original game and expansions that already include plenty of well made content.

I have to say, all this also makes me appreciate the efforts CDPR put into the writing and implementing choices and consequences in their games more. As much as they are criticized for various flaws, seeing others fail at it (or not even trying) makes is it more apparent how difficult it was to achieve what is in the Witcher trilogy.

* Edit: I would not really see a problem with this choice if the mod was written to be a continuation of only the books' story, or it was an adaptation of the short story "Something Ends, Something Begins", but in any case it contained no references to anything from the games. What I do not like is creating a "sequel" to the games that advocates specific choices from them. A mod that is made for the purpose of pushing a "team" agenda or anything like that is not something I would want to support. It is a pity that this is what the modding community comes up with when it had the freedom to create interesting adventures with the tools that were released, but knowing what kinds of discussions dominated at the time when its development started, it is not too surprising.
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No, it's a destiny.
Nevermind that Yen destroyed the wish that her and Geralt's destinies be bound together.

I wonder if and how that would be addressed. Most Yen fans seem to ignore it. I'm a Yen fan too btw. But I'm on a Triss-love playthrough now that's clouding my vision. :)
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Fucking A guys, fucking A.

I don't even know where to start, this is bloody amazing.

I hope I can ask you something. I was wondering to recreate White Orchad from TW3 to TW2 using REDkit2. Did you guys made the whole Kear-Morhen by your own hands, or there is much simplier trick to import it from TW3?

Also, if you ever will want to translate your lore to Czech/Slovakia language, just contact me or whatever, I'll gladly do it.

Last thing, do you have PayPal or something? I want to support you because you made my dreams come true, and I want to support you for it.

Good luck, atleast CDPR can now see they made huge mistake.


Totally amazing to see a project of this caliber coming to fruition in the REDkit, big cheers to you Rustine and your team and also good luck in bringing this project to completion!


Can you say anything about the voice acting? It would be really weird to hear Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri and other possible characters we know with different voices. That's why I would prefer them to be mute so I can imagine their Witcher 3 voices.


screens look pretty cool. Would like to see even short video that shows some interesting sides of this mod's gameplay.

Also, what are technologies used ? These Geralt and Yen models are from Witcher 3 game, right ? They are just exported and than imported to Redkit 1 with official modkit ? So you use W2 assets as default and those from W3 whenever possible ( =available) ?

How does events and quests go ? Have you created your own scripting system, or you use that one which redkit affords ? I know from my own experience, it's too complicated and not friendly to use. Any problems so far ?

Where do you take tutorials, tips or whatever usable whenever you don't know how to do something ?

Finally, care to share exported files, tutorials, sources, game scipts or anything, that would make modding for others easier ? Maybe empty project with everything set and just ready to use ?

Thanks and looking forward your progress :)


To the guys who are doing this (I suppose they are doing it by themselves). First of all, thank you. Truly, it's nice to see that at least some demands are going to be adressed even if they don'thave oficial support (correct me If I'm wrong). Can you do something about Iorveth or the scoia'tel? Even if it is with TW2's engine :)