The Witcher Screenshot Thread

The Witcher 3 Screenshot 2022.12.29 -
The Witcher 3 Screenshot 2023.01.23 -
The Witcher 3 Screenshot 2023.01.23 -
I just got zapped by a Netrunner.

Right after this screen shot the 16GB OC ROC Strix 4080 Blew up / Died . Sadly I am pasted the store change out so i need to RMA it. Who knows how long that's going to take. I also took the day before a Cyberpunk screen shot will post that one as well.

My Heart sank when this happened.


Take care Choom's!
Some beautiful shots here. I’m definitely returning to the world as a sword & sign Geralt, if only for those last few achievements I’m missing.
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