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This Game Version is no Longer Supported (Xbox)

Hi all,

Have bought Thronebreaker today for XBox One, excited to get back into the world - it seems this is a known issue where it kicks you back to the Store however, and I'm unable to play.

My question though is what is happening with normal multiplayer Gwent? Is this only playable via Thronebreaker? The reason I ask is that when I launch the previous Gwent game it is still listed as 'game preview' and then when it loads it say something about this version no longer being supported but there are no available updates and there are no paid versions on the Store that I can find -- so am I supposed to still be able to play using my existing downloaded version of Gwent beta and it's just not working or is it only accessed via Thronebreaker, which currently am unable to access?

Someone help! Just paid $50 to play this and now it seems I can't play both :|

Updates for Gwent and Thronebreaker on consoles should release later today -- possibly in about an hour or more. You should be able to access them then.
I have the same problem as pat673. Gwint on Xbox One is still broken, I cant even update old version and its still listed as game preview