This girl is anywere in the game?



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This girl in anywere in the game or its just promotional material?


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Haven't come across them - I also haven't come across anyone kicking anyone on the ground either yet.


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They spend all this money creating character models that aren't even in the game.

It's kind of like all the news / media segments.

The end up being these small blurry bite sized bits while you're doing other things.

Shame they weren't more prominent and had a larger role in the game.
There is a women that is similar..sorta.

When you have to go to Finger's clinic, looking for Evelyn, you can go out the window in the clinic waiting room and in through the window in Finger's office. He is working on a woman similar to this. She has her mouth/jaw removed, just like in that screenshot.


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if you break open finger´s door she will sit there
if you wait, she will come out with her mouth attached
That's Lizzy Wizzy according to a dev on twitter a year or two ago. I guess that scene got cut.
It's a bummer, that she is already dead.

A Fixer gives an introduction to V ... and I never see him in the game. Guess, another promotional material
You see an ad where someone is brushing her teeth, and has the cheek part of her faceplate peeled off so she can really brush those molars. I think it was in one of the elevators.
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