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This Week in GWENT 06.04.2018



This Week in GWENT 06.04.2018

Paweł Burza jumps to the future… and comes back with the 11th episode of TWIG! Check it out!

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Mashajab;n10773461 said:
Whats Roadmap?
map of roads of their upcoming throne breaker campaign :huh:

it's something that tells you what will be prepared for when. july new batch of cards sept new faction dec single player campaign etc.


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AleXiC94;n10778411 said:
Does anyone know exactly when will the premium week/weekend begin? thank you!
I would wager it would be the weekend after the remaining Premium cards are released on the 17th of April. (So the weekend of April 21 and 22 would be my guess.)