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Thronebreaker achievement for collecting all chests [SOLVED]

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Nevermind. I loaded my pre-patch save from 1st playthrough, picked every chest and got the achievement. So watch out if it shows 7/8 in Mahakam (or in any other map) when you have 8/8 chests. It is not just a display bug apparently.

I am looking for a save before picking last chest in Rivia or atleast save from Rivia. I am replaying TB again for achievements and after picking last chest in Rivia I didn't get achievement. I think this happened because in Mahakam I had situation when before going to Angren it was showing 7/8 chests. Of course I checked my map and all 8 chestes were greyed out, then I travelled to every chest to be sure that every single chest is opened. I was thinking that maybe it is a display bug so I have kept playing.

So after going through whole Angren and half Rivia I didn't get this achievement AGAIN because it was bugged pre-patch. I am a little upset about this so I would be very thankful if someone would help me by giving a save.
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