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Thronebreaker button in Gwent not working?

Hello there,

I am not really sure if this is a technical issue or just a missing QoL feature but this is my issue:

I just bought Thronebreaker, installed the seperate launcher (which already felt a bit wrong, I expected it to launch through Gwent) and launched the game. Thronebreaker has the option "Multiplayer" to launch Gwent which is nice but the other way round seems not to work for me (or at all?).
The Thronebreaker button in Gwent still shows "Buy now" and redirects me to purchasing it, then shows an error because it seems to realize I already did.
I really think it should change to a button to simply launch Thronebreaker...
Is this working as intended?
Well, I agree it makes little sense to see a purchase option in the menu after already having purchased it.

As long as the rest works and you get the cards you unlocked I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but you can always report issues like that to CDPR using the contact link from this site:
Alright, I was just curious if this is an issue in my client or if everybody else sees it just like I do?