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Thronebreaker - can I go to previous region?

I missed 9 out of 10 golden chests in first region Lyria and then got this idea that in these chests are cards from Gwent...
I play Thronebreaker only to get cards in Gwent and then mill them.... And now I can't quite find a way to go back to Lyria and look for the 9 chests I didn't open...
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2) also are card fragments important?
I begun on Bonebreaker difficulty and now when I gotta destroy 3 Nilfgardian Knights to take over a wagon, I'm pretty screwed ;p I remember I had 2/3 fragments of Dimerium Bomb but I thought "whatever, it's probably gonna be too easy anyways"...

if someone was so kind to still be here,
3) is there a way to skip tutorial? I hate tutorials in every game, they make me do stupid actions and I feel as if I were braindead during them... Also if only way to go back to Lyria was to start a new campaing, I'd prefer NOT to be frenzied by this absolute fookery...

4) where can I check the name of the region I'm at? First was Lyria based on the clothes of troops, but now I'm in some kinda graveyard...
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1. You cannot return to a previous region, but you can set your savegame to a previous region. This does mean you will lose all progress up to that point. So, I would advice you to backup your savegame before that.

2. They give you cards in Thronebreaker only. So, not really.

3. Nope.

4. Not that I know off, but you can check an online guide for all regions.
Could someone lend me a save file when you're about to leave Lyria, so I could get my 10 chests unlocked xD
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