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Thronebreaker Crashing and Framerate Issues [PS4]


Playing on PS4 Pro here. Game just unlocked (preorder) and at the very first battle the game is keep crashing.

Also, I’ve noticed on main screen (Queen Meve card) frame rate is like a slide show.
Also, while loading, the card displayed at the loading screen is in extremely low resolution (pixelated).

Game version: 1. 0. 1. 12


P.S. Re-installed the game, and crashing persist. Anyone else having the same problem?
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Having the same issue. First crash happened as i went to play my first card and now it crashes as i enter the battle. Hopefully this is addressed in patch 1.01 but i can't see anything on it specifically in the patch notes. Also on PS4 pro btw.

Side note: the game seemed very choppy from a frame rate perspective prior to reaching the battle too. Nothing serious like the crash's but worth mentioning as the stutter makes it feel like a crash is seconds away.
I hope we can get an official response. I managed to finish the first fight on my 4th restart, but as soon as 2nd battle starts, game crashes again. It’s unplayable at the moment...
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Yeah i conceded on my 3rd try after i saw someone on twitter complaining about the same thing. I think it might be a PS4 pro issue which is worrying considering it seems to be a small market for the game.

Fingers crossed they get around to it soon. All we can do is wait unfortunately :(
I'm a little confused. How do you all have thronebreaker on console? Wasn't that supposed to be release along with homecoming on the 4th?
Also having some issues on PS4 pro. No outright crashes so far (about 3 hours in) but constant graphic glitches while walking around in the world as well as frame drops, plus difficulty navigating the encampment screen. Seems like the pro version has quite a bit of issues. Perhaps they only playtested it on a normal ps4 which seems silly but idk. Anyway, I'm sure they'll shed some light on it at some point tomorrow. It's only been released this night.
Please, contact Support, so they can investigate.
I tried, but on that page it’s asking for support ID (upper right corner in the game settings)... There’s nothing in the upper right corner in the settings in Thronebreaker. It’s mandatory for contacting support, so no dice unfortunately.
Was there any official word yet?
More people having the same problem:
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I noticed this too so i just put the game version where the support ID is and explained that i couldn't find it in the menu it was describing. Figured it was better than not reporting the issue as well.

Also just received a response from CD Project Red saying that they are looking into the issue. They suggested to try and disable super sampling and boost mode in the PS settings as an interim solution as they work on it. I can't play at the moment to test it but maybe give that a shot and see if that helps?
Downloading 1.01 update (2GB). I’ll report back.
If it doesn’t work, i’ll try lowering the resolution to 1080p and disabling boost, supersampling and see how it goes.
Same for me, pre ordered PS4 Pro and crashed 13 times in 29 minutes of game play. 11 times on the first tutorial fight (generally when you study a card with R2) and twice more at the start of the Necrophage fight. Deleted from hard drive, really need a fix please!
Ok here we go:
-Update 1.01 installed
-Boost is on, supersampling is on.
-First tutorial battle went without any problems. No crashes so far.

Hopefully it’ll stay like this. 🙏
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How long has the game been in beta?
Have you been testing anything on the ps4 before release today over the last few months?
I never had an issue with Gwent pre homecoming.
Unfortunately now the game is un playable.
Had three crashes in the last two hours of playing.
The game is now Jerky, laggy, slow and stuttering.
The graphics on every premium card I own seen to bring the game to a halt.
The game is now soooo unresponsive in all Menus and games modes.

Wtf is going on?

Not the homecoming I was anticipating.

Plesee try and get this fixed ASAP!
I keep getting error code CE-34878-0 whenever the screen is animation heavy. It's very frustrating. I was just about to win against this elf that kept playing healing cards when the game crashed for the seventh time. I don't feel like playing anymore after that...

Edit: By the way, I'm using a PS4 slim.
Hey guys,

I'm having issues with the framerate starting to dip when more cards are played on the field.
Usually really hard to complete a battle without the game crashing atleast 2-3 times during gameplay at that point.

Any tips or temp fixes I can do to get me by until the next performance patch?
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From the sounds of everything that I've read, it seems like the performance may be due to something in the connectivity, or possibly on the server-end. There have been several members that claim similar issues with TB, but disconnecting from the internet and playing offline clears everything up.

Obviously, that's not really an option for multiplayer Gwent, but it is indicative of the issue perhaps being due to heavier traffic during update time. I'd give it a few days and see if it gets better. Do you notice any difference in performance / stability based on the time of day?