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Thronebreaker - Ivo of Belhaven [Spoiler]

We only see him a brief time for one fight in Angren and then he is already gone again. The only thing we really get to know about him is his witcher school - the School of the Bear. So I like to think, that he is going to take a role in a future (witcher?) game. I find it kind of suspicous that a new, still living and working witcher from a yet fairly unknown witcher school is getting introduced so briefly and without any further information or lore. Like Meve has met Geralt and his fellowship on their journey, which we know from the books, it could be the same situation with Ivo, that Meve just met him on his yet unknown journey.
So what are the posibillities that we will see Ivo again, if not even in a main role? :unsure:

Why did the thread got moved to the story forum? This is not a story relevant thread and question of mine.
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He is just there for some sort of fan-service and exposition, and i personally found his apareance to be honest very wierd and anticlimatic.
I would prefer it if at least for the stories that are gonna be based on book lore, they did no introduced needless new characters that do no move the narrative forward in any positive way.
I thought he was a pretty cool character, myself. If we were to ever play as a Witcher from a school other than the Wolf, I'd want it to be the Bear - love their gear, it's pretty sweet looking. :)