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Thronebreaker - locked on opponent’s turn...

Every once in a while but more specifically during the fight against Eldain, the game gets stuck “in between” turns.

The opponent is not doing anything, the game is not frozen... Nothing happens.

I’ve had fights where i could see the computer working with small freeze and card glowing but now there is just nothing happening and I can only press escape.

Is this a known bug ?

Thanks !
I've submitted a ticket just now. I think it has to do with having lots of cards that can spawn other cards. During the fight against Eldain (which freezes each time) I tried a deck with at least 5 cards allowing me to have almost the 25 card of my deck both in hand and battlefield. I don't think there is any way to beat that deck and maybe that's the bug ?
Not sure it‘s the spawning. My decks usually have a lot of that too and it still worked out for me. But I really don‘t know...