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[Thronebreaker] Stuttering issues with patch 1.01

Noticed that after getting the 1.01 patch, the game starts stuttering badly every few seconds.
The thing that triggers the onset of the stuttering seems to be going into the deck builder (Commander's Tent) and exiting from there.
If I quit and restart the game, it goes back to normal until I go to deck builder.
I've tried turning Vsync on/off, Gsync on/off, but none of those settings seem to make any difference.

There's also a lot of stuttering when the AI is playing its last few cards, usually in Nilfgaard battles.
The AI also seems to take an unusually long time to play its last few cards. This is on Bonebreaker difficulty level. Not sure if it affects lower difficulty levels.
I had seen this particular problem in the last few Rivia battles in version 1.0, but this seems to be a problem in 1.01 in a lot of early battles.

Anybody else facing these problems?
Another thing I noticed is that the game crashes on startup occasionally. This sort of a thing used to happen quite a bit with Gwent before HC.

I know it's not anything to my system config, but I'll post it here anyway:
Hardware: i7 8700k, GTX 1080, 32 GB RAM
Software: Windows 10 (1809 build), Nvidia driver version 417.01
I've noticed the same. I also get some less noticeable stutter in the multiplayer Gwent in the deck builder, but it by far the worst in Thronebreaker in battles vs Nilfgaard. I submitted it to support as well.
I'm having the same issue as well, filed a report. Hopefully it gets fixed soon as i just got the game. I have only 4 hours of play time but actually 2-3 hours of it was trying to fix the stutter, fighting same guys over and over again.

Update: Turning off v-sync somewhat solved the issue and enemy leaders don't take forever to play their cards anymore. Hope it does the same for everyone.
Second update: Damn now i see more and more what you meant, deck builder is disgusting. i don't even get excited when i get new cards anymore, rather i get annoyed because i have to go to the deck buider and experience the stupid stutter 5 times before i can decide if the card is worth it.
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The stuttering in battles just ruined the game. It is horrible. I play on pc, gtx1060 6GB. I have never experienced the stuttering on such a large scale in any other games, even in those more graphically demanding. This is just unacceptable. I wrote to support with other problem and mention about that but the answer was quite funny. They wanted me to uninstall most of the applications on my pc. What is wrong with cd project?
Same issue here, but I am in mahakam and facing monsters. I don't even want to get to nilfgaard battles if it is worse against them.
What's going on with this game.. first the hilariously low difficulty forced me to stop playing until they patch it up, but the patch made it worse with the stuttering, i can't play anymore.. i really hope they do something about it because the game is great otherwise and i don't want it ruined by all this