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ThroneBreaker: Unresponsive game - help!

The game (ThroneBreaker) freezes during Gwent battles. I think it is related to the leader's ability to switch cards around in the deck, but I'm not entirely sure.

More specifically, the special battles where you have to meet a certain victory condition within just one round cause this problem most often.

I play my turn, then press "end turn". Then, the "end turn" button flips over, but nothing happens next. The game does not progress to enemy turn. I still hear the BGM, see animations, can move my mouse pointer around but the game just wouldn't progress. I can still press the "forfeit game" button though, and it gets me to some clickable options, but then, eventually the game freezes anyway.

I didn't experience this problem early on in the tutorial section but started to get this issue after that. Sometimes, restarting the game helps and lets me finish a battle that was previously frozen. But then, this Nilfgardian embassador battle wouldn't let me even do that. I simply just cannot get past that specific battle.

Any idea how I can fix this? I really want to play this beautiful game but as is, I can't play it anymore.

2018-12-29_2248_2.jpg Screenshot showing an empty deck after ending my turn. Strange!

2018-12-29_2248_5.jpg Loading screen with the "Passed" message on top and the game panel on the left.


Try to not look inside your deck (remained cards to draw) during battle or downgrade your TB version to 1.0.0.
Yes I realized there was another thread on this. My bad not reading all of them beforehand.

But you say I shouldn't look at my deck? But the battle requires me to! I simply have no choice.
He/she is saying "don't right click on your deck", not "don't look at your deck". Looking at your deck when using the leader ability that let's you shuffle a card in and play 2 cards, or using Rayla's ability to play a card doesn't trigger the bug. It's when you deliberately right click on your deck just to see what cards are in there (which is 100% optional and can be completely avoided simply by not clicking), this cause the game to do what you are describing. As soon as I stopped this, it doesn't bug out like this anymore. I agree it's annoying, but seems to be the only way to play around it.