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Thronebreaker won't work for Multiplayer


I bought Thronebreaker and it works so far, but It won't work for Multiplayer. Is there a region lock? Because I bought it in Russia (was a week there because of work and saw it was cheaper there than in Germany). Now back in Germany I would like to play it but Thronebreaker seems not to sync with my Gwent Account.

I can enter Thronebreaker from my normal GOG Account but not in Gwent. There it only says "Buy", so it seems not to be connected.

Sorry for may bad englisch.

Greetings Armynius
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So Gwent was already installed before you started playing Thronebreaker? If yes, it does sound like a region conflict. I don‘t know if something can be done about that.

However, you can reach out to CDPR support using the contact link from this website: (it‘s not exactly the same issue but there‘s no support topic dealing with your problem, so it‘s the next best thing)
Yeah I installed Gwent in Germany but I buy Thronebreaker for my wife because she had no Paypal or Credit Card and I was in St.Petersburg. I buy it from the official website and both are GOG. And there was nothing on the website which told me not to do this. Hopefully the support could help, otherwise I would feel a little bit cheated.