To much walking

Why cant I click L3 and run when walking through say Jig Jig Street looking for the XBD ? It's painful not having the run button work for these sections! Seem to be only able to run when in shoot outs.
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Even at the warehouse finding Evelyn and I can't run!
I'm in a gun fight and walking everywhere, I've checked it's mapped and I'm not crouching!
I play on PC with a DS4. Standard mapping.
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No one has a solution to not being able to run at all anymore ???
The game is almost unplayable with only a walk function as i get shot and cant avoid enemies !! Please help !!
Ive tried KBM also holding left and right shift but still no run function !!!
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I figured it out, I have overloaded my inventory and become to heavy to run :ROFLMAO: as soon as I dropped or sold some stuff I was able to run again :) I should have paid more attention to the HUD but I turn HIDs off in all other games (Sim racing mostly) and have just become accustomed to not paying any attention to them. I don't play games like this much, lol
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