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[TOOL] [WIP] Mod Conflict Manager

Mod Conflict Manager

Since the Mod Limit has actually been fixed ( ) Mod Merging has come to be obsolete - almost, for "Mix & Match" Mod Conficts that cannot be solved by mere priority oder persist.

In fact, Mod Merger cannot do this either, so in a way we always had this problem, not just after the mod limit fix.

- So here is (the biginning) of a simple tool that will allow to browse through the list of conflicting assets from different mods in a nice layout, and to select the ones to use.
- For non-textures the tool does not rely on the modKit (wcc_lite) which makes merging mods almost instantaneous.

I will post a first release soon.



- Tool supports texture merging now (without unpacking and without the modkit/wcc_lite)
- texture preview
- Mod Selection

Again, the idea is that (since the mod limit has been fixed) this tool allows to manage conflicts between mods that are not otherwise solved by load order, i.e. mixing-and matching assets.
Additionally, its a nice way to look at assets from texture mods I suppose, maybe I will include a seperate mode for that...
Fantastic! Looking forward to your release! I haven't messed with the mod limit fix yet but i figure there where still mods that had conflicts to resolve.