Triss Merigold (all spoilers)

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Triss Merigold (all spoilers)

This thread is for our dear sorceress Triss Merigold of Maribor

Under spoiler : the discussion we had about the inconsistency of our romance choice and the answers from the Devs about future fixes/additions to Triss romance.

Here's the link to the original thread in which we discussed the inconsistency of our romance choice
(thanks to @shaedhen):

And those are the answers from the Devs about future fixes/additions to Triss romance:

Originally Posted by Marcin Momot
Just to let everyone know. We pay very close attention to everything you guys write in this thread. We will be addressing this situation by adding/changing some dialogue stuff in the future - more info on this will come later so pardon my scarce input for the time being. This should help with the immersion. And once again, thank you all for your valuable feedback.

Originally Posted by GingerEffect
Since Marcin has updated you a little, I'd like to add a bit to that, since apparently some people seem to believe this particular issue is getting preferential treatment.

Here is the thing. The major thing. I know it's gonna be a shock to some but...we are not perfect. (LEGASP!!!!!)

The biggest issue that we as a team identified with the Triss situation is that the current implementation does not really represent the very core design philosophy we hold dear. Namely, that your choices carry consequences and those consequences WILL present themselves to you.

As it has been stated in the opening thread, the consequences of choosing Triss are not adequately represented. This was something that was brought to our attention by this thread. We went back and looked at it again and realized that yes, this is indeed an inconsistency and one that deserves our attention. So we sat down, took our notes from your suggestions and checked what is viable to do. The result of that is what you will eventually see.

To the people who are somehow annoyed that we will correct the inconsistent consequences that are currently present in the Triss romance I say this: Please understand that this is not a case of us changing something simply because fans want it. This is because fans alerted us to something which we, internally, discussed (hence the long silence in between replies) and eventually agreed that it did not fit our core philosophy of including consequences to the choices the player can make.

In any case, I hope this clears things up a bit and puts a rest to the infighting about which issue deserves what kind of attention.

Now, off to work!

And here it's an updated version of our suggested fixes for the Devs ( thanks to @DaWitcher ):


Areas we like to see improve base on the previous thread. I added a little detail based on recent inputs from the current thread.

Suggested fixes requires very minimum and in most cases no new scenes, just minor tweaks to existing visuals and dialogue.

1. ROSE OF REMEMBRANCE: Be able to give it back to Triss at some point preferably before final battle.

2. NOVIGRAD: Not being able to tell her that we broke up with Yen for good (We should be able to tell her that we broke up with Yen during that conversation where she asks about her). If the player choose to complete skellege first

-Triss providing more information about our house in Pont Vanis as she said she would after saving Philippa.

3. KAER MORHEN: Her not being present at Kaer Morhen (She really should be there, we are missing out on the biggest part of their relationship, the reunion). Have some interaction with the characters at kaer morhen.

It should be changed with a hug, if Triss romanced, or have a dialogue between Geralt and Triss about that Kiss(scene tweak - instead of saying good to see you, he should walk up to her kiss/hug).

-Ciri and Triss need some dialogue at Kaer Morhen or on boat they don't speak to each other except for the hug at Kaer Morhen.

-During the Witcher drinking session with Lambert and Eskel if Geralt romance Triss, dialogue option should allow him to discuss it with his fellow Witchers. (No changes to scene just dialogue tweak/addition and Triss presence).

-It would be nice for Vesemir to acknowledge their relationship before he falls in battle if Geralt romance Triss.

-And for the love of Witcher consistency please have Triss be at Kaer Morhen when Geralt invite her and not show up later after Geralt brings Ciri and then credit Yen for it.

-Vesemir funeral scene can be tweaked to have Geralt's love interest comfort him a little like he comforted Ciri. Nothing major and does not require major scene changes just minor tweaks and dialogue. (Very significant because of Geralt and Vesemir relation like father and son)

-Lastly, may be too much but, Geralt and Triss can have a meaningful scene at kaer morhen. Does not have to be another romantic scene, can be discussion about future plans at the table with the other witchers (Minor scene tweak)

4. ISLE OF MIST: During the Isle of Mist when Geralt and Ciri are having their little conversation about her journey through world's, have Ciri ask him about what's been happening with him. Perfect time to talk about Geralt and Triss relationship and his decision to be with her if Geralt romance Triss. (No scene change just more dialogue).

5. BOAT/FINAL BATTLE PREPARATIONS/FINAL BATTLE: Have some dialog about Kovir and their future plans on the boat, it is the perfect place for Triss and Geralt to hash out those details she promised they'll discuss later (Dialogue mostly)

-A Conversation on the boat in Skellige (Being able to interact with her and do anything other than "Well?").

-A romantic conversation with her in the tent before the final battle (If Geralt romance her). "Good luck" from Triss to Geralt before the final battle does not adequately portray a lovers concern for the severity and dangers of the coming battle.

-A conversation between Triss and Geralt about alvin note.

6. WORLD ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF PLAYER CHOICE: NPC acknowledges player choices and romantic interest or have the dialogue option to correct/inform them. (Cerys and other Characters like her)

And this is a list of suggestions provided by @Pryce68

The inconsistencies as I see them.

1. The Rose of Remembrance (Being able to give her back The Rose of Remembrance blooming or in a living condition).

2. Not being able to tell her that we broke up with Yen for good (We should be able to tell her that we broke up with Yen during that conversation where she asks about her during Pyres of Novigrad).

3. Her not being present at Kaer Morhen (She really should be there, we're missing out on the biggest part of their relationship, the reunion after going through all that trouble to find Uma/Ciri).

4. Yennefer's kiss and not being able to kiss Triss after bringing Ciri back to Kaer Morhen (Yes, I wanted to kiss Triss after that to reassure her that nothing is going on behind her back and yes, I wanted to do so in front of Yen, a kiss on Triss's forehead while saying I missed you would do).

5. No interaction with Triss upon our arrival with Ciri to Kaer Morhen (If the previous option 3 is not provided, we really should've been able to interact with Triss, have a meaningful romantic conversation before the battle, it seems only fair since we can interact with Keira before the battle).

6. Geralt running toward Yennefer to embrace one another after the battle for Kaer Morhen. (Triss is my romance option, she should be the one doing that) This is optional of course, in the events of romancing Yennefer, she should be the one running toward Geralt to embrace him after the battle.

7. Ciri's conversation with the Lodge (Triss she be the one present there if she's our love-interest) This is optional and it depends on your choice of romance.

8. Triss providing more information about our house in Pont Vanis as she said she would after saving Philippa.

9. A conversation between Triss, Ciri and Geralt (To make up for her being missing during Avallac'h laboratory or just adding her there with the rest of the family).

10. A Conversation on the boat in Skellige (Being able to interact with her and do anything other than "Well?"sending her with Geralt instead of Philippa to the Elvin Ruins during the Sunstone quest could work).

11. A romantic conversation with her in the tent before the final battle (It's only fair since Yennefer gets one).

12. Triss should be the one saving Geralt instead of Yennefer from The Wild Hunt hounds (After defeating Eredin and she should be the one riding with him to the tower) This is optional and it depends on your choice of romance.

13. Adding a second love/erotic scene to Triss's romance that suits whichever situation, place or moment you see fit.

At the point where all of the mentioned above is provided, we reach the point of having her as a valid romance option, we finally reached (Equality).

Explaining some of the suggestions.

The scenes I suggested replacing depending on your romance choice are three - in two of them Yennefer doesn't say anything.

6. Kaer Morhen: After the battle for Kaer Morhen, she's simply running toward Geralt without saying anything(The embrace part) that one must be replaced in the events of romancing Triss, I don't really see why Geralt would embrace Yennefer if he's romancing Triss (Yennefer fainted on top of Kaer Morhen trying to hold the shield during the battle against The Wild Hunt. While Triss was down there, pretty much next to Geralt. The battle ended, Geralt broke out of the ice that encased him. Suddenly Yennefer is down there and they're running toward one another to embrace near Vesemir's body and next to Ciri) Optional, depends on your choice of romance.

11. Skellige: After the battle with Eredin, Yennefer jumps in to rescue Geralt by using a portal and she pulls out in-time (She doesn't talk in this one either) Optional, depends on your choice of romance.

11. Skellige: Riding to the Tower trying to rescue Ciri after Avallac'h took her (Yennefer talks in this one) she doesn't say anything that could effect the main-plot though. Optional, depends on your choice of romance.

Two of them can simply be handed by replacing the character model of who's doing the rescue or running toward Geralt depending on his romance choice.

Because I still think the one at Kaer Morhen needs replacing depending on your romance choice, there is a few logical reasons that can support my claims which we all witnessed during the battle.

Here is the link for posting triss Fanart/Fanfiction:


Triss Merigold of Maribor

Triss Merigold of Maribor is a sorceress. She is called the "Fourteenth of the Hill" because she was believed to have been killed during the Battle of Sodden Hill. She is a friend of Yennefer and witcher Geralt of Rivia, and is unhappily in love with the latter. She took care of Ciri at Kaer Morhen for some time and is like an older sister to her. It was through her intervention that Ciri was not inadvertently given harmful hormones which might have negatively impacted her "womanly assets". She was a member of King Foltest's royal council along with Fercart and Keira Metz, as well as a founding member of the Lodge of Sorceresses. She is a skilled healer and carries with her many magical potions, but she never uses them on herself because she is allergic to magical elixirs and potions. She is also quite a powerful mage, certainly when it counts most and when a situation rose up where she had to prove her talent, she left everyone speechless and impressed of how far talented and powerful a young and inexperienced sorceress such as herself can do and what she can accomplish.

This topic is dedicated to the discussion of the red headed beauty from Maribor. Don’t hold back with spoilers, just make sure to flag the posts which are considered as such.

This is how she was described in the books after she met Ciri for the first time. From Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski.
"She slipped the fur cape from her shoulders, removed her fox-fur hat and, with a swift movement of the head, tousled her hair – long, full locks the colour of fresh chestnuts, with a sheen of gold, her pride and identifying characteristic. Ciri sighed with admiration. Triss smiled, pleased by the effect she’d had. Beautiful, long, loose hair was a rarity, an indication of a woman’s position, her status, the sign of a free woman, a woman who belonged to herself. The sign of an unusual woman – because “normal” maidens wore their hair in plaits, “normal” married women hid theirs beneath a caul or a coif. Women of high birth, including queens, curled their hair and styled it. Warriors cut it short.

She also had blue eyes and a twenty-two inches waist that she was always proud of and she was always on a diet to keep it this way.

Geralt admitted his feelings for Triss in the books after she was summoned to Kaer Morhen to help him raise Ciri and control her powers. She was his first choice to raise her and she was the first sorceress he turned to for help. Ciri began to like her as soon as she met her and she considered her as an older sister. This conversation took place between them in Kaer Morhen after he knew that she suvived the battle despite of the rumors.

Geralt admitted his feelings for Triss. From Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski.
“I studied your impressive tombstone with my own eyes. The obelisk in memory of your heroic death at the battle of Sodden. The news that it was a mistake only reached me recently. I can’t understand how anyone could mistake anyone else for you, Triss.”

“It’s a long story,” she answered. “I’ll tell you some time. And please forgive me for the disagreeable moment.”

“There’s nothing to forgive. I’ve not had many reasons to be happy of late and the feelings I experienced on hearing that you lived cannot compare to any other. Except perhaps what I feel now when I look at you.”

Triss felt something explode inside her. Her fear of meeting the white-haired witcher, which had accompanied her throughout her journey, had struggled within her with her hope of having such a meeting. Followed by the sight of that tired, jaded face, those sick eyes which saw everything, cold and calculating, which were unnaturally calm but yet so infused with emotion…

She threw her arms around his neck, instantly, without thinking. She caught hold of his hand, abruptly placed it on the nape of her neck, under her hair. A tingling ran down her back, penetrated her with such rapture she almost cried out. In order to muffle and restrain the cry her lips found his lips and stuck to them. She trembled, pressing hard against him, her excitement building and increasing, forgetting herself more and more.
Geralt did not forget himself.

“Triss… Please.”

“Oh, Geralt… So much…”

“Triss.” He moved her away delicately. “We’re not alone… They’re coming.”

The heroine of the Sodden Hill. From Blood of Elves (Triss describing the day of the battle).
I stood on that Hill next to Vilgefortz, next to Artaud Terranova, next to Fercart, next to Enid Findabair and Philippa Eilhart, next to your Yennefer. Next to those who no longer exist – Coral, Yoël, Vanielle…

There was a moment when out of sheer terror I forgot all my spells except for one – and thanks to that spell I could have teleported myself from that horrific place back home, to my tiny little tower in Maribor.

There was a moment, when I threw up from fear, when Yennefer and Coral held me up by the shoulders and hair—”

“Stop. Please, stop.”

“No, Geralt. I won’t. After all, you want to know what happened there, on the Hill. So listen – there was a din and flames, there were flaming arrows and exploding balls of fire, there were screams and crashes, and I suddenly found myself on the ground on a pile of charred, smoking rags, and I realised that the pile of rags was Yoël and that thing next to her, that awful thing, that trunk with no arms and no legs which was screaming so horrifically was Coral. And I thought the blood in which I was lying was Coral’s blood. But it was my own. And then I saw what they had done to me, and I started to howl, howl like a beaten dog, like a battered child— Leave me alone! Don’t worry, I’m not going to cry. I’m not a little girl from a tiny tower in Maribor any more. Damn it, I’m Triss Merigold, the Fourteenth One Killed at Sodden.

There are fourteen graves at the foot of the obelisk on the Hill, but only thirteen bodies. You’re amazed such a mistake could have been made? Most of the corpses were in hard-to-recognise pieces – no one identified them. The living were hard to account for, too. Of those who had known me well, Yennefer was the only one to survive, and Yennefer was blind. Others knew me fleetingly and always recognised me by my beautiful hair. And I, damn it, didn’t have it any more!” Geralt held her closer. She no longer tried to push him away.

“They used the highest magics on us,” she continued in a muted voice, “spells, elixirs, amulets and artefacts. Nothing was left wanting for the wounded heroes of the Hill. We were cured, patched up, our former appearances returned to us, our hair and sight restored. You can hardly see the marks. But I will never wear a plunging neckline again, Geralt. Never.”

Her hair was magically restored back to it's former appearance and the injury she sustained on her chest during the battle was also healed using high magic. Her physical injuries were completely gone without leaving any scars, but she was left with a degree of mental scarring.

Triss also saved Geralt's life during The Thanedd coup after he was seriously wounded by Vilgefortz and was left there dying at the end of the skirmish by transporting him to Brokilon with the help of Tissaia de Vries.

Triss helping Geralt get to the dryads of Brokilon to save him. From Baptism of fire by Andrzej Sapkowsky

Milva was annoyed. The healer was known for her taciturnity. But Milva had already heard excited accounts from dryads in the eastern marches of Brokilon; she already knew the details of the events that had occurred a fortnight earlier. About the chestnut-haired sorceress who had appeared in Brokilon in a burst of magic; about the cripple with a broken arm and leg she had been dragging with her. A cripple who had turned out to be the Witcher, known to the dryads as Gwynbleidd: the White Wolf.

At first, according to the dryads, no one had known what steps to take. The mutilated witcher screamed and fainted by turns, Aglaïs had applied makeshift dressings, the sorceress cursed and wept. Milva did not believe that at all: who has ever seen a sorceress weep? And later the order came from Duén Canell, from the silver-eyed Eithné, the Lady of Brokilon. Send the sorceress away, said the ruler of the Forest of the Dryads. And tend to the Witcher

She did some other heroic deeds. Ending the massacure in Rivia was one of them. Triss was actually able to cast Alzur's Thunder - Merigold's Hailstorm they called it. Basically, the name is used illegally, since the magic has never been registered, and no one has been able to repeat it except for her.

Triss's relationship history before she met Geralt. From Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski.
As far as her erotic life was concerned, Triss Merigold had the right to consider herself a typical enchantress. It had began with the sour taste of forbidden fruit, made all the more exciting by the strict rules of the academy and the prohibitions of the mistress under whom she practised. Then came her independence, freedom and a crazy promiscuity which ended, as it usually does, in bitterness, disillusionment and resignation. Then followed a long period of loneliness and the discovery that if she wanted to release her tension and stress then someone who wanted to consider himself her lord and master – as soon as he had turned on his back and wiped the sweat from his brow – was entirely superfluous. There were far less troublesome ways of calming her nerves – ones with the additional advantages of not staining her towels with blood, not passing wind under the quilt and not demanding breakfast. That was followed by a short-lived and entertaining fascination with the same sex, which ended in the conclusion that soiling towels, passing wind and greediness were by no means exclusively male attributes. Finally, like all but a few magicians, Triss moved to affairs with other wizards, which proved sporadic and frustrating in their cold, technical and almost ritual course.

Triss first love was Geralt and before she met him, she never knew what true love was. From Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski.
Then Geralt of Rivia appeared. A witcher leading a stormy life, and tied to her good friend Yennefer in a strange, turbulent and almost violent relationship. Triss had watched them both and was jealous even though it seemed there was little to be jealous of. Their relationship quite obviously made them both unhappy, had led straight to destruction, pain and yet, against all logic… it had lasted. Triss couldn’t understand it. And it had fascinated her. It had fascinated her to such an extent that… …she had seduced the witcher – with the help of a little magic. She had hit on a propitious moment, a moment when he and Yennefer had scratched at each other’s eyes yet again and had abruptly parted. Geralt had needed warmth, and had wanted to forget. No, Triss had not desired to take him away from Yennefer. As a matter of fact, her friend was more important to her than he was. But her brief relationship with the witcher had not disappointed. She had found what she was looking for – emotions in the form of guilt, anxiety and pain. His pain. She had experienced his emotions, it had excited her and, when they parted, she had been unable to forget it. And she had only recently understood what pain is. The moment when she had overwhelmingly wanted to be with him again. For a short while – just for a moment – to be with him.

Triss always felt that Yennefer's relationship with Geralt was toxic and she wasn't the only one. She envied her for having him.

The magic she used wasn't used to seduce Geralt.

Triss's relationship with Vesemir. From Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski.
Vesemir welcoming Triss to Kaer Morhen.

“Triss, my child!”


Vesemir was really very old. Who knows, he could be even older than Kaer Morhen. But he walked towards her with a brisk, energetic and sprightly step; his grip was vigorous and his hands strong.

“I am happy to see you again, Grandfather.”

“Give me a kiss. No, not on the hand, little sorceress. You can kiss my hand when I’m resting on my bier. Which will, no doubt, be soon. Oh, Triss, it is a good thing you have come… Who can cure me if not you?”

“Cure, you? Of what? Of behaving like a child, surely! Take your hand from my backside, old man, or I’ll set fire to that grey beard of yours!”

“Forgive me. I keep forgetting you are grown up, and I can no longer put you on my knee and pat you. As to my health… Oh, Triss, old age is no joke. My bones ache so I want to howl. Will you help an old man, child?”

“I will.” The enchantress freed herself from his bearlike embrace.

The Witcher games. Thanks to CDPR made our dreams come true of finally seeing Geralt in a relationship with Triss. It was beautiful in TW1, It was beautiful in TW2 and it definitely have a lot of good moments in TW3 though due to all of the inconsistencies and plot holes in her romance story and options. The decision about their relationship in TW3 is yet to be made.

For those who have and haven't read the books. Triss obviously had a charming personality, an exotic and radiant appearance that left anyone who met her wanting more.

A lot of us who read the books always wondered what could have happened "If" Triss was able to help Ciri back in Kaer Morhen and what if her and Geralt stayed together to raise Ciri there.

This is why she couldn't stay there and why their happiness didn't last. From Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski.
“Geralt, this is a serious matter. The girl is an exceptionally powerful medium. I don’t know what or who she is contacting, but I think there are no limits to her connection. Something wants to take possession of her. Something which is too powerful for me. I am afraid for her. Another trance could end in mental illness. I have no control over it, don’t know how to, can’t… If it proved necessary, I would not be able to block or suppress her powers; I would not even be capable, if there were no other option, of permanently extinguishing them. You have to get help from another magician. A more gifted one. More experienced. You know who I’m talking about.”

“I do.” He turned his head away, clenched his lips.

“Don’t resist. Don’t defend yourself. I can guess why you turned to me rather than her. Overcome your pride, crush your rancour and obstinacy. There is no point to it, you’ll torture yourself to death. And you are risking Ciri’s health and life in the process. Another trance is liable to be more dangerous to her than the Trial of Grasses. Ask Yennefer for help, Geralt.”

“And you, Triss?”

“What about me?” She swallowed with difficulty.

“I’m not important. I let you down. I let you down… in everything. I was… I was your mistake. Nothing more.”

“Mistakes,” he said with effort,

“are also important to me. I don’t cross them out of my life, or memory. And I never blame others for them. You are important to me, Triss, and always will be. You never let me down. Never. Believe me.”

She remained silent a long while.

“I will stay until spring,” she said finally, struggling against her shaking voice.

“I will stay with Ciri… I will watch over her. Day and night. I will be with her day and night. And when spring is here… when spring is here we will take her to Melitele’s Temple in Ellander. The thing that wants to possess her might not be able to reach her in the temple. And then you will ask Yennefer for help.”

“All right, Triss. Thank you.”



“Ciri said something else, didn’t she? Something only you heard. Tell me what it was.”

“No,” he protested and his voice quivered.

“No, Triss.”


“She wasn’t speaking to me.”

“I know. She was speaking to me. Tell me, please.”

“After coming to… When I picked her up… She whispered: ‘Forget about him. Don’t torture him.’”

“I won’t,” she said quietly.

“But I can’t forget. Forgive me.”

“I am the one who ought to be asking for forgiveness. And not only asking you.”

“You love her that much,” she stated, not asking.

“That much,” he admitted in a whisper after a long moment of silence.


“Yes, Triss?”

“Stay with me tonight.”


“Only stay.”

“All right.”

During the events of TW1, Triss was hurt during Defending Kaer Morhen and after the battle was over. We got another quest A Potion for Triss. Even though he had amnesia and even after he lost his memory. He still remembered the first thing he told her after he knew that she surivived The Battle of Sodden Hill "The feelings I experienced on hearing that you lived cannot compare to any other. Except perhaps what I feel now when I look at you.”

What happened to Triss during The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings and the impacts on TW3.
1. She lost her position as The Royal Advisor to King Foltest.

2. She lost her home in Vizima, her money and pretty much everything else she had in Temeria.

3. She was on the run and she was considered a fugitive for aiding Geralt of Rivia who was accused of slaying Foltest.

4. She was kidnapped by Letho just to get turned into figurine by Cynthia after, obviously The Lodge was trying to get rid of her at that point too.

5. She was decompressed and tortured after by the Nilfgaardians.

Depend on the player's choice, just stating mine down here.

6. She was rescued by Geralt of Rivia in Loc Muinne

7. She revealed the Lodge's plans during the Summit of Loc Muinne and that made her position even worse.

8. She departed with Geralt of Rivia (We know the decision wasn't hers) she told him that she was willing to go to the end of the world to help him find Yennefer.

9. She had to start a new with the war, Witch Hunt and after losing the thing that mattered to her the most (Geralt of Rivia).

10. She went to Novigrad just to be pursed by The Witch Hunters and lost her house in the process.

11. She started rescuing mages and taking them to an underground hideout where she had to look after and provide for them.

12. She went from being rich and living a luxurious life to living in poverty - in the pits of Novigrad and hanging around The Putrid Grove.

13. Breaking up with Geralt left her weak, vulnerable, insecure and she lost everything for someone who left her to purse their own agenda.

People keep wondering why she's so sad and gloomy in TW3. Because this wasn't the first time she was rejected by Geralt, it happened before in the books twice. So, those old feelings of depression, being alone, looking behind your shoulder and having no-one to depend on came back and they were worse than ever, because this time, she had nothing, only thing she had was 30 other people to look after and provide for.

The plot holes and romance inconsistencies in TW3 made her situation more sad and depressing.

And here some nice fanfiction, fan-art and high-res picture collections, thanks to @farrysquallko :

Originally Posted by farrysquallko

I had start to collect all of the fanfiction and the explanation about Triss and Geralt relationship in here for a while. So i just arranged all of it and put it in word and pdf file" also have some explanation about Yen and fanfiction about her (limited)

Thank to @Trireme @Pryce68 @Wasaabii28 @msanx @Scholdarr.452 @Kallelinski for this update ;)

Update detail in page 4
file Word download link:
file Pdf download link:


Here are my collection of picture; from many fan in Triss, Yen topic and great artists across Deviantart to Tumblr. This time more professional sorting :)

Screenshot ingame, some are 4K

This one contain have Triss, Geralt, Ciri and some Yen fanart

And the last one, off-topic, it isn't relevant to Witcher game >:D. My collection of fanart of Red from Transistor (also red-head :p)


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Just a word of advice...among friends. When we face the inevitable onslaught of those who DON'T support the purpose of this thread, it is BEST to use the IGNORE option they have offered us on the forum.

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And finally, what our Hero thinks about Triss.

Oh great. Thread got derailed with OT stuff (same stuff that's all over the forum aka Ciri yadda yadda yadda) and got closed. What a shame.

Yup...damn thingis, it was SOOOOO predictable! The broad spectrum of topics that was suddenly allowed on the was just a matter of time!
For good Trissmood.

I use the exact same hairstyle and beard on Geralt - I think he looks so cool with it compared to the others.

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Dude I just fell in love with that cosplay - her lips are so sexy OMG
FYI we don't want this thread closed again so not butthurt comment here please...

You know, I gave the :ok: because of 'butthurt'...I can't see that used in a sentence and not laugh! :)

Butt also, very true! Good advice!
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