Triss Screenshot Thread

It looks pretty good, better then mine honestly. Mine doesn't create a hierarchy it just outputs it right away, was still meaning to update my script at some point, but I don't think ill end up doing it, I'll settle for a graphical flowchart of the whole scene :p

In this post, there is now a collection of dialogues from the entire game. The output of the script I used is not of very good quality in terms of extracting the structure of the conversations correctly, but it could still be somewhat useful.
Guys, your screenshots are always so gorgeous! If you have some time could you guys take a few more screenshots without the hood?
The first scene starts at [video][/video]
The second one starts at [video][/video] Thank you in advance! ^_^
Is there a possibility to re-create Elven Bath scene from TW2 in TW3 ??

It would be difficult, if possible at all with the currently available tools. I guess someone more familiar with modding (Sarcen ?) could tell more. Perhaps it could be possible to tweak the existing lighthouse scene in the game (different camera positioning), or maybe add one copying animations from another scene in the game, but again, modding support for TW3 is very limited.

At least it is definitely possible to create animated GIFs: :)
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