[TW1]Strands of Destiny Mod

How so? We are finishing up another module, Arena, and then beginning heavy work on SoD. It's going to take about a year to development.
Ahoy there, in case you need more voice actors, here is one volunteer.You can hear my voice samples here: http://personal.inet.fi/koti/mauri.majanoja/MDarkbladeM-voicesamples.zipThe package contains several samples from different projects, some of them are older, some of them newer.
Voices are 95% done, with a little tune-up to do as soon as our voice fellows help out when they can. :)
This mod is crap! The start on hard difficulty...I made potions...ex. Swallow and Tawny and neither worked. The fleders came down in droves and seeing that I can beat the main game with Flashes Insane...they overtake me and all the guards. What kind of scripting is done to cause such a one-sided crap-fest? Don't take me wrong...nice "looking" mod but gameplay is not good. I made potions with extra effects due to second ingredients but nothing worked. This is in the beginning of the mod too...I counted 25 fleders attacking at once and they kept falling from the sky.
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