TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

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Greetings Pavel. Against the background of the popularity of Nilfgaard (first of all, the ability of double cross), the question arises whether this is an imbalance ability. After all, when you carried out a rework of abilities, Maneuver, second wind, etc., first of all, suffered, that is, abilities that played 2 cards per turn, but at the same time did not change double cross in any way
Hello Mr. Burza/Gale,

I have really enjoyed the TWiG streams. Thanks for doing them!

With Battle Rush planned to start in a couple of weeks, is it possible to disable animations or slightly lengthen the per turn timer? I LOVE this seasonal, but with all the new animations it makes it extremely challenging to play a card and an order or leader ability.

Also, I would pay a monthly subscription to be able to access Battle Rush, just a thought.
Hey Burza, did you guys think to have a Syndicate themed cosplay when a new Open or Masters happens after the pandemic? Seeing you or others like Adriano, Peaches, Luiza, Savolla etc would be just dope!
Have you thought of making the sketches the SY Beggar sells as ingame avatars? Yennefer already kinda is.
When we can expect some update to siege cards in northern realms?this archetype should be buffed.
Will you enable Twitch drops for next Open? How will they work?
Is it still possible to get "Challenger" and "Keen Observer" titles with new Twitch Drops?
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Since so many people ask for Beta Gwent, is any Seasonal mode with different deck rules planned? Like 3 bronze copies in deck, max 4 Legendaries & 6 epics, unlimited hand/board limit (even unlimited SY Coins?). Would make those people quiet and provide a new mode on top.
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Will we ever get another game like thronebreaker?
is it too soon to ask or is it completely out of the question?
Is there any plans to make friendly matches available for Seasonal Mode?

Me and my brother make competitive decks for seasonal and we have been forced only to theorize whose deck would win for over a year now.
Hello there, dearest Pavko!

1. Do guys from the studio feel the support of Gwent players? Please let me explain what I mean:

I've been playing the game since early Closed Beta and it never felt better than now. The current state of Gwent is a complex compound of all your recent actions and undertakings - great meta, masterfully designed leader cards, roadmap, animated TOKENS! - basically everything you try to implement is like a dream come true - but I would like to know how's the atmosphere at the studio - do you feel the great momentum? Are we, as a community - something that keeps you positive about developing Gwent? Please remember, that we really appreciate all that you create!
You are the best and deserve all the gratitude!

2. Any chance to see Paweł playing a game of gwent at the end of the TWiG? We know that recently he's not really keen on Gwent, but it's all about having fun - why not some casual game to feel the Scoia synergize once again? :)
Hello Pawel,
two weeks ago we had Patience Is A Virtue seasonal mode and it was an amazing idea.
So I have a new idea for seasonal ( at the start of the game transform all cards into UMA'S CURSE )

keep up the good work :)
Any chance faction competitions can be back? They were a way to shake up the faction balance (and get some info on over/underplayed abilities). And I have two contracts left hanging. :)
Is there anything you can share about the match-making system? I think there are many complaints about its fairness that are simply based upon not understanding it. Is there a reason why, at times, it is very slow to find opponents — especially on unranked?
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