TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

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I have few questions :)
1.) When can we expect Invogorate and Lockdown reworks?
2.) Do you have any plans for major changes that would (hopefully) solve some of the longstanding issues (like draw dependency, coin toss, 100% consistency or binary interactions)?
3.) Can we expect TWiG every week from now on?
4.) Are you back on track after the hacker attack?
5.) Do you have any plans for format system (like in MTG or HS)?
With the current covid situation still going on, where do I best send new Lambert ideas?
1. What's your current stance on animating tokens? The issue becomes more and more apparent with every new token added to the game. I don't know about the forums, but on Reddit, the questions and complaints about animated tokens are constant to this day

2. Is VS screen still being worked on? The recent model texture update helped, but the screen still looks unfinished. One of the most glaring issues, imo, is how poorly it reuses the animations that weren't meant for it. For the leader that goes first, the "battle stance" animation always gets roughly cut off with the "round won" animation (& the fact that it plays for the second time is very jarring as well), and some of these animations just don't make any sense for the VS screen at all. This short clip showcases it very well. The fastest fix would be to at least replace that second "round won" animation with the taunt animation
I'm excited for the new TWiG! I have 2 questions:
  1. Are you planning to remove some old cards from the game, to make way for new ones next expansion?
  2. Are you planning to add any more lore / story stuff in the future? Whether it be another epic like Thronebreaker, or just something smaller like Journey stories.
Are fixes possible for BP cosmetics? The coins look very flat and poor when compared to the old ones.
Is there any chance that we could have Arena back (preferably with a few small improvements such as a more balanced ratio of golds / bronzes offered, etc) ?

This would be alongside Draft mode, not instead of it. I think that they are sufficiently different to both have appeal in different ways. Having more modes offers more ways to have fun.

I miss Arena mode. It had a different feel to the constructed modes (including Draft mode), and also provided a refreshing escape from suffocating metas.
Do you have a plan to rework the prestige 9 reward?
and is it possible to have a feature like default cosmetic for each faction please
I have a couple:

All ranting and opinions aside: when you designed leader abilities, was it intentional to design lockdown in a way that completely negates this aspect of gwent or did you put it in the game as a limiter/indicator for leaders and other stuff that might be released in a broken (overtuned) state? If there are other designchoices there i'd also like to know of course, it IS pretty flavourful for NG after all :'D

When designing SY cards, how much value do you assign a coin in comparison to a point of power? E.g. would a 4p 7power card and a 4p 4power profit 3 card have the same powerlevel in your book or is the power:coin ratio a different one?

Neutral cards were always meant as a tad weaker than faction cards, because they could be played in every faction. When you would have a 4p 7power faction card the corresponding neutral would play for less value overall. But isn't that counterintuitive to the devotion mechanic where not playing neutrals should be an opportunity cost? (Unless devotion was designed only with those neutrals in mind that are unique to neutrals and not in any faction?)

And on that note, what about the neutrals that are really really bad, like our favourite 6p bear for instance. Is that a side effect of power creep or are you intentionally keeping cards on a lower powerlevel so newer players can enjoy some entry progression to gwent?

Do you favour the trend of increasing deck consistency in gwent that comes with the release of more and more efficient tutoring cards or is that an unwanted side effect of releasing cool new cards as it often might be the case?

Feel free to pick any that you like. (Ideally all of them :p)
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