TWiG AMA [Decommissioned]

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Hi Burza,
We've had the same seasonal trees for this year, and new reward book trees don't come often and aren't as big as the initial/Wild Boar ones, so people are filling out their reward books.
Can you say if we will get a fresh set of seasonal trees next year or still have the same ones?

Oh, and premium tokens when?
[Bounty archetype request]
Hi, I'm a Gwent player and I want him to get even better, at least the Bounty archetype, and I have a few ideas on that. 1) I noticed that more and more often make a deck on "Stuffed pockets" with a cleaver and a drill and a lot of bounty cards: the scoundrel, witchfinder, new crimes, and as a player understands that the bounty needs "his" tunnel drill, 2 coins=3 control stats(maybe the scoundrel make this ability, or fabius gale(his ability so worse)) 2)Rework leader "Off the books", +1 prov or 4 charges( now is so weak 3) And the most risky, but certainly working, to give the opportunity to give 1 Bounty on each row, This should strengthen the archetype and 4) just want to throw ideas from the community, PLEASE DO BOUNTY GREAT AGAIN
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Hello Sir!

More love for our favorite GWENT player Shupe! Without him we would really struggle with our kegs. Are there more custom cosmetics for him planned? Cheers and keep it up!
Do you have a plan to remove Reward Trees in nearly future?
if yes, could you inform players a while ahead? Players will have time to collect RPs and unlock it before it's gone forever.
Hello Burzu!

1. How does card testing work and how many people test new cards?

2. Why there is so much powercreep in game right now?

3. When some buffs to harmony? Water of Brokillon, Saskia change fo something playable, or just something small, anything

4. How many people is in Gwent Balance Team?

Have a nice day!
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[Row-locked units, and faction representation in the Open, Neutral vs Faction Cards]
Dear Burza,

Congratulations for your wedding. So happy for you two. I wanted to ask three of questions.

1) We are seeing fewer and fewer row locked units. What is the idea/direction Gwent team has for row locked units? Will we see more row locked units so that ST movement (and Gaurilla Tactics in general) can make sense?
2) How optimistic are you about having all six factions represented in Open 4 in September? How much of a priority it is in Gwent team to have all factions played in Open/Master tournaments?
3) Recently more and more neutrals are getting buffed. It is a welcome change. But some neutrals are now objectively better than the faction cards counterparts. What is the dev team's take on Neutral vs Faction cards. It was an unwritten/unofficial belief that faction cards should be better than Neutral cards. Has this stance changed?

Thanks and have a great day!
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[meta update between month for a week]
After Thanedd Coup released for 2 weeks, the meta seems stable and the 9.3 patch might not shift the meta. This make Gwent less excite than it was for 6 weeks long until the next mini set come in. Do you have a plan to shake meta during a month for a week?

e.g. Revert recent changes for a week to shift the meta? e.g. bring back the card before it were patched. So, we can have full SK Warrior, Viy, NR Witcher, Lippy, Kolgrim Relicts, Line Pockets etc for a week. (CDPR can get data for the future balance patch, too.)
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Will the locking mechanic ever get some type of rework or restrictions?

I'm asking this because i don't find it fair that a 4 provision card like Van Moorlehem Hunter can permanently shut down a 11 or 13 provision unit like Gerni or She Who Knows.
Hello Sir!

Another quick question: since Geralt names all his horses Roach ... do you feel inspired to name your favorite (or even all?) bicycles as well? Thx for bringing the Yaruga Board back, love it!
Hello Mr burza! How are you and the team doing? A very light question, will we see more challenging / reward? Like let's say play 500 card and get 1000 scraps or something similar. And yeah thank you and the team for everything you do for the community! + ( ball voice is still bugged ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
dzień dobry burza. i remember in the past we could buy premium kegs with scrap for a while, was like 3500 scraps per keg last i recall, will they ever return?
Is there any chance for board cosmetics settings to be changed from:
  • Defender
  • Only Mine
  • Defender
  • Defender if not default
  • Only Mine
This means default starting faction board from the opponent would then just mean your board is chosen.
Hello Burzu! o/

Is there a chance for something like Q&A with one of the Gwent artist/devs or someone from balance team? With community question of course

And of course, when can wee see Slama again? On dev stream or something like this
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[Syndicate dailies, and option to hide old Journey contracts]
Hi Burza.
1. Are you planning to update daily quests? It seems that Gwent still doesn't know that a Syndicate has appeared in the game.
2. I didn't buy some journeys and now the contracts for them are accumulating like a snowball. Can you add the option to hide them permanently?
[Option to disable GG and emotes]
Dear Burza, everytime I see GG notification from my opponent I'm burning. I'm taking it as sort of BM (especially when I'm losing). How about to give opportunity disable these notifications like we can disable emotes during the match?
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Since we're bringing TWiG back it would be cool to make the format more interactive! I'd like you to ask your questions in this thread and I'll pick a couple and answer in next week's episode! [Burza's Twitch channel]


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Hello burza, love your hard work! I was wondering if there's going to be a new art contest in the future! Some people are really talented and share amazing arts of gwent! Last time we got Allgod only, would be really fun and would bring the community together
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