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Does cd projekt red have any plans about developing E-Sport in Gwent by developing new system of tournaments with more quals and more people at Masters?

If yes - how and when it will be?
if no - why?
Is it possible to bring other leaders to be card in the future (like the original leaders in last 12 cards drop recently) ?

and when will be the leek about the familiar face of the next Journey?
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Are you considering buffing Archespore by giving it back its Thrive ?
Currently Archespore is a 4 for 4p on deploy and 6 for 4p if consumed, which has been mediocre at best, even 4+ expansions earlier.
Hello Burza,

Is there a possibility for the Way of the Witcher leaders (+ Viy & Rayla) becoming purchasable leader skins for their factions?

And, joke question: Roach leader when :)

Thank you!
Do you think you will give the bandit archetype more support, like adding the Rats as cards?

Also, will you ever add Rience as a Gwent card?
Will there be more variants of existing skins? Would be nice to have Griffin Armor Geralt, alternative TW3 skin for Ciri, TW3 Radovid etc.
Hi Pawel!

You said in today's Twitch that you think the Young Crones would be cool to come as cards. Are they on the list?
How about the 3 Passiflora girls whose avatars you could buy? They are among a few Avatars with no corresponding cards.

Are things like Friendly Seasonals or Seasonals with special deckbuilding rules planned? This could shut the mouths of people asking for Beta Gwent, you could have various modes with 3 Bronzes in deck or whatever else not allowed by current deckbuilding.

Are QoL improvements coming, like reconnect if closing / reopening app, or showing some details in the cards history? Like what card got banished by Kingslayer (former Viper Witcher), or which card got locked/damaged etc by the effect of the card played?


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Are there any plans to add deck codes, or some alternative methods to make deck sharing easier?

Is it possible to rework the current daily quests system?
First of all - why are there no quest for winning as SY? It's a faction like all the other since long.
Second - rewards for different types of quests are really uneven. Playing 40 cards rewards you the same 40 ore as winning 3 games.
I think quests with wins requirements should give you RPs (1 RP for 3 wins, 2 for 5), while quests for playing cards or games in general should be removed, replaced with playing 20 artifacts/30 specials/30 units for 50 ore and 40 artifacts/60 specials/60 units for 100 ore.
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Will devotion be getting more support? I feel that the older powercrept cards could gain an extra devotion function to make deck building more interesting.
Hi, any chance of getting a rework for the trinkets section in the player profiles? I would love it to having more structure and sorting/filter options e.g. like show all Dandelion avatars, show all rewards from season of the wolf, etc.
Right now it seems to be just listed in the order that you obtained it without any real structure.

PS: Keep up the good work and stay awesome pls <3 last patch was super great <3
снизьте цены преобразование на премиальный карт "метеоритные пыли"
lower conversion prices for premium meteorite bullet cards

[Lower transmute cost for premium cards]
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