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Not sure of you still accept questions, but I wanted to ask you if players' suggestions and custom cards could ever make it into a TWIG episode.
Greetings Pawel,

1. Besides other boards ... will the Yaruga Board be back? I need this contract!
2. Who is more powerful? A Golden Dragon or a Golden Nekkar?
3. Since Shupe seems to be celebrating St. Patrick's Day ... what is his favorite ale?
Cheers, I am happy that TWIG is back!
Hi Pawel,
I second previous questions. I missed some fancy boards / cardbacks in the past. Started playing in May only so Master Mirror board is on me but would be cool to have other vanities from long before, esp. Yennefer cardback. I know they are released from time to time but would be great to know which type of vanities may come back and which are for sure exclusive.

Another one. Gwent results are quite stable and seems that you make not only enjoyable but also profitable game! Is CDPR planning to extend the team and invest more resources into Gwent development and more important into marketing?

Last but not least. In May 2021 The Witcher: Old World Campaign is starting.
I noticed that graphics are taken from Gwent DB. Is this game anyhow connected with Gwent? Are you planning to run some cross-promotion campaign like for Cyberpun2077 (pun intended) or this is totally separate project and you have never heard about it so far? :D
Looks that a campaign is followed by 20k people and if a fraction of them would be converted to Gwent players that would be great!

Since we're bringing TWiG back it would be cool to make the format more interactive! I'd like you to ask your questions in this thread and I'll pick a couple and answer in next week's episode! [Burza's Twitch channel]


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Burza, I'm not sure if you're the right person to ask this but I feel cheated by the Pro-Rank qualification system your game has, as I've posted in the thread, below. Basically, I completed the mosaic portion of that rank but was given no option or notification once I did that to enable the recognition of that rank. Maybe I got the notification when I started playing the game, over a year ago...when it wasn't even something I was contemplating. GWENT Support haven't replied to my reply to them asking them to escalate my ticket.

Ideally, I'd like anyone who has completed the mosaic for pro-rank but didn't complete some other requirement to gain that rank to be given the title of pro-rank, so long as they agree to whatever the other requirement is.

I've got a more detailed thread of my views on this situation here:

Hi Burza,

I know you guys werent happy with the Faction Challenges and want to change them. Thats fine by me, but I am only 1 Challenge away to finish the contracts for supporting the faction for multiple factions. Will I be able to finish those contracts to get the last rewards? Or did I miss out on that?
Hello, any plans for seasonal-like cardbacks (ie:elf cardback, dryad cardback etc...) but for the NR kingdoms (Redania, Kaedwen, Aedirn, Kerack, etc...) as well as avatar borders for those kingdoms? Would be nice to see.
If you would upgrade the rewards for the two new trees at a later date, would we still get those new upgraded rewards even if we already "bought" the nodes?
NOT SAYING you WILL upgrade. But if you know?

And another question about animating tokens (please her me out!):
What if you animated ONE token per coming card drop and we get to vote, which card it will be?
I have issue that maybe you could pass to right people. I think there is a problem with leveling in the game, as there is a cap, I achieved that cap almost year ago, so from that time I can't level anymore or get any more exp (gwentsday become useless for me), and for sure there is more players like me. It would be great if that was fixed somehow, maybe by increasing cap or by removing it, even without any new prestige benefits, just so we could be leveling again.
Are seasons going to regularly rotate more frequently as some have been doing (weekly), or has that been a temporary change?
Personally having them last less than a month has been keeping them fresher, since typically one deck eventually dominates.
Dear Burza,

I hope you are well and healthy,

Patch 8.3 was a big hit and I'm really enjoying the meta. Bravo to you, Slama, and the whole team that's behind this.

My question would be: Is there a chance that, in some of the future patches, we get to put any of the 3 stages of the Master Mirror evolving cards as our favorites? I think that many players (me included) would like to have Jacques de Aldersberg or Auberon in his 2nd and 3rd form?

Many thanks!
what are the plans for all the multiple special cards with no tags? would you expand the factions tags for tagless neutrals special or planing something new
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Hi Burza,
Could we get a non-premium version of Tactical Advantage that we could craft? If you display all cards in your collection it gets misaligned :(
Hey Burza,
Will be new leader abilities added to the game for the year of The Great Oak? If I remember correct, you added new leader abilities last and two year ago. For the Year of Rat and Wild Boar.
1. Is there any chance we could get more faction mastery contracts and rewards? Things like unique cardbacks or coins themed around the faction, perhaps, or maybe just as bundles in the shop.

2. Is there a plan for how many reward trees we will get in this year's page and what kind of cosmetics will be available in them?

3. What is the best place to officially suggest feedback towards the game or aspects of it?

Also are there any leek-related recipes that you can suggest?
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