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Unable to invite friends to games

This is my first post here and i'm not entirely sure if i'm even in the right place but here we go.

I have been having a great time competing with my friends to see who can get the best Gwent cards and level up the fastest whilst often playing against each other to test said cards. However after switching my PS4's WIFI settings I am now unable to send any invites what so ever, I press the invite button and nothing happens, if i try again i get a pop up saying that I "failed to create an invite" and It doesn't even send me to the invite screen on my PS4. It's as if i went to make an invite but backed out at the last second.

As far as factors go that could have caused this, there are a few such as how i have just downloaded Thronebreaker and I don't think the problem started until then. As previously mentioned I had changed the WIFI settings on my PS4 as well and this may have caused the problem. It might be worth mentioning also that this hasn't affected any other of my games. I hope someone knows what this issue is and a way to fix it as right now i'm really disappointed that I can't play against my friends and my micro-transactions seem fairly pointless right now.
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Well, I think I fixed the problem, got a friend to invite me and now it seems to let me send invites again.
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