Unlimited Vitality Glitch

Unlimited Vitality Glitch

I run into really weird glitch, that totally ruined this game for me after 90 hours of play, because all my saves are after this glitch.

This glitch happen only when you have active Green Mutagen (bonus to Vitality) and skill Synergy (bonus to mutagens) and you run into Dimetrium Bomb field. After that you start gaining maximum Vitality. The more green Mutagens and green Abilities you have active, the faster is gain. And this change is permanent, it is kept after you meditate, save or change active abilities. I play on PC, so it is possible, that this does not work on other platforms.

I thought game was too easy even before (on DM). Now I have probably 2-3x times more vitality than I should have and combat become super boring. I still probably finish game for story, but this removed for me any fun in exploring, finding new gear and leveling up. Anybody is able to help? Is it possible to manually edit Vitality with console command or in save file? Also how much maximum Vitality am I supposed to have? After I remove all abilities, mutagens and gear, I have Vitality 18 675 on lvl 21, my guess is it should be around 6 000?
Dang man, unlucky you. It's always best to reload when the game glitches! A lesson learned by all. :)

And your vitality should probably be around 5500.
Yeah, problem is that I found this after I leveled up and I checked my stats and I had much more Vitality than I should have. Than I started experimenting what caused this, but all saves was already with this.

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Also somebody on different forum wrote me that it does not work. I have the last tier of Demetrium Bomb and I'm not able to test it with another, so maybe it is working just with superior bomb.
I read somewhere that if you run into another Dimeterium bomb, things tend to fix themselves. Try that (with everything unequipped) by walking into one, then walk out and wait for effect to wear off. No promises though
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