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vandergrift's blade deploy ability is totally pointless

as the topic says: vandergrift's blade deploy ability is quite pointless. the reason is:

in case the player would have a knight in the hand, any player would rather play the blade BEFORE the knight, cause the blade will also buff the knight by the same amount also later, so the knight will get more power already, when he comes on the board and is less likely to be removed. noone would play first some knight and then the blade.

only reason might be in case you use it in combination with some artifact drawing card, but that is super unlikely, especially for NR players.

therefore my suggestion: the deploy ability should be replaced by "give a knight a shield". this would make also sense lore-wise and would fit well with other knight abilities
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There are many reasons to play the blade later, suppose you are in a match up that you are afraid of artifact removal, but not from unit removal, or you need to play your unit first to remove some engine...
If you play the blade first, and gets removed, it gets no effect at all, basically it gives you flexibility on the sequence of your plays...
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oh, and there is this knight, with an order to damage a unit 1 or 2 if the blade is in play, cool down 1, so you play it before the blade, and you have the order 1 turn earlier, and don't lose the boost when you deploy the sword, I guess that's the main reason for the deploy to exist at all, so you can play that knight before the blade.
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I guess its vandergrift that knight? :p since it's his blade :p
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the chance of artefact removal is much smaller than the one of unit removal. so even then i would play the blade before the knight, but ok, artefact removal might be the only reason for the current deploy ability. - but even then it is pretty much useless, cause then artefact will be removed in the next round, so the only thing you gained is the +2 under the premise that the opponent has artefact removal.

in any case: a different deploy feature would be better in any case. (even if it is just a +3 or something like "purify")
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My guess is that the card was designed without deploy ability, then they realized that people wanted to play Vandergriff before the blade, to activate its ability one turn earlier, so they added the deploy to be able to do that without losing the +2.
@Gemueseknolle if only you would know how many times I wanted to play my cards in certain order and I could not, because I had to answer certain card of opponent right away. There are few scenarios already pointed out by @Gercho7 and I would like to add another one. At example, when you realize, you need to immediately play Prince Anseis to deal with opponents 4-power card, despite you would like to play the sword first.

I reject statement "vandergrift's blade deploy ability is totally pointless" as false one.