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So after i updated my nvidia drivers to the newest, after i start the game from steam, i see only the cursor and hear the sound from the game in the background

I did a clean reinstall of the drivers and the game and the problem stays on. I`ve put way older driver like two years old and the game starts normally.

I also did a troubleshoot and ran the game as administrator, but without a change. I find it odd, that the game runs without a problem wtih the old drivers, but with the newset it couses problems.


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I would just go back to a version before the current version. Doesn’t have to be two years. Judging from the nvidia forum it looks a bit like the latest nvidia driver can cause issues on some computers for various applications. But no idea if that’s the reason. Also make sure the game is still using the nvidia card and not the integrated gpu.

And yeah, basically the game doesn’t need anything that wasn’t available two years ago, so it should work fine with that.
Besides, it’s often better to not update gpu drivers too quickly and see how well the driver really works first…

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