Vignette effect on consoles - Fixed since 4.01


CDPR, please, hell please, I beg you, give us an option to remove this unsubtle, obtrusive and ugly vignette effect on consoles, just like we have the option on PC.

There is absolutely no good reason to not give us the same option while it really is a pain to play with this useless and immersion breaking obtrusive effect, especially in dark in-game lighting conditions when it appears grey over black and so totally off.

Not asking much here, from you, while this would make a huge difference, for us.

We want to play Geralt, not a narrow vision camera following him. We don't buy big TVs to then feel like we're looking through the peephole of a door.

All the other effects with the camera interacting with the lighting and the weather are also too much in my opinion, and we also should be able to disable them just like on PC, but at least they aren’t permanent.
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vignetting off:

vignetting On:

For me more immersive is with On, but true, it shuold be optional even for consoles.
It really gets problematic and all "in the way" during night time or in dark weather / lighting conditions.
Good news, the option has been added in the new patch (4.01).

vignetting off:
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vignetting On:
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For me more immersive is with On, but true, it shuold be optional even for consoles.

How does something that makes it look like it is shot on old film rather than what you actually see in real life more immersive? It's like Depth of Field which simulates 100+ year old camera lens technology or Motion Blur which simulates a crappy LCD with horrid Response Time

Immersive = Looks like real life NOT looks like it was shot with a camera
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