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Visual for Deploy Abilities

So, I'm starting to get really frustrated with the lack of visual indicator for the deploy ability being dependent on a specific row.

Yeah, I get it -- it's written on the card and I should be paying more attention. But I can't explain how many times I've had a misplay because I forgot it was ONLY the ranged row... or was just playing a little flippantly and acted too quickly cause I was convinced that it didn't matter which row it was put on. Wrong!! Lost quite a few games this way... and it's a very frustrating player experience.

But why is it like this? There are visual indicators for almost EVERYTHING else in Gwent.... if a card is immune? Locked? Boosted... damaged... whatever.

So why.... WHY isn't there a visual indicator to show that an ability is row dependent? Why not just a little sword in the top right corner somewhere small.... or a little bow and arrow. Or something a sword / arrow... whatever it takes!

This problem exacerbated if you're playing on console. I've posted about this before.... but if you tutor a card on PS4.... you -cannot- look at that card. So if you don't remember it's ability, or what lane it's supposed to be played on.... you're pooched. You're guessing. Guessing isn't fun.

At least if there was a visual indicator... again, just a small icon in the corner as to not take away from the beauty of the cards... it would alleviate this problem greatly. Especially for us console players..... (By the way... please fix the tutoring bug on console. It's awful).

Thanks for listening CDPR! I know you'll do the right thing here and at least respond to me and tell me why my idea doesn't work :p
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While I'm at it...

When you turn off camera movement on turn end, instead of allowing you to see your entire highlighted card (like you would when it's your turn) the camera 'compromises' and cuts the bottom 1/4 of the card off, instead of the bottom 1/3rd like it would be on your opponents turn.


I want to be able to see my sweet animated cards in all their glory -ALL- the time. There's no information on the other side of the board that will be cut off by allowing me to do this.... so why?

If it's that important to keep it the way it is, add a 3rd option for guys like me. It really sucks only looking at 2/3rds of a sweet animated card during your opponents turn.
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