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Watch GWENT on!



Watch GWENT on!

Make sure to link your and Twitch accounts to earn GWENT Twitch Drops! Thanks to Twitch Drops, you are able to gain in-game rewards while watching your favourite GWENT streamers - every 30 minutes you have a chance to receive 50 Meteorite Powder or 3 Card Kegs!

If you would like to know more about Twitch Drops and how to earn them, check out this article on, or head over to

And if you’re not sure what channels to watch - don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Visit our revamped PlayGwent website, check out the brand new section dedicated to GWENT live streams and discover new streamers every time you visit - featured streams change every time you refresh the page!


Curious ..I don't really watch streamers but I always watch the qualifiers and challenger streams
does this count for console or just pc?


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First time I'd watched anyone stream gwent, did it for the stuff but after going for somebody Pumpkin, something or other and enjoying the games/decks will def watch again in future.
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_id;n10630801 said:

Will it always be PC only? I really want that Keen Observer title >_<
So far CDPR hasn't completely ruled the possibility, but at the moment no one can tell for sure. We'll see.