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The time has finally come — the grand finale of the fourth season of GWENT Masters series is coming this weekend! Join us on December 3rd and 4th, at 4 PM CET on our official Twitch channel.

Let’s see what we got:

8 of the best GWENT players of 2022 season:

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Twitch Drops with the new and unique Season 4 cardback:

P.S. The Divination Challenge is open until December 2nd, 23:59 CET so make sure to check it out and fill in your predictions to earn special GWENT rewards!

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Why not 15P? Why stopping at 14P? As always with ST, amazing art and highly priced. I would even bet that this will be the highest provision card in this drop.
The math ain't mathing.

Qualification for the Beholder title (which now has since been "ended" states:

Sat, Dec 3, 9:00 AM - Sat, Dec 3, 9:17 AM EST · Watch for 4 hours and claim the reward In-game title: Beholder

So I gotta watch 4 hours in a 17 minute window to claim an unobtainable reward in an event that lasts until Sun, Dec 4, 10:00 PM EST? I'm used to such errors on Twitch, but rarely is it meant to be this misleading.
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New cards doesn't change art after evolving?
Apparently not, however what I find interesting is that these evolving cards are what I initially assumed evolving cards would be.
These new evolving cards are not just objectively improving with each round, but turn into completely different cards, while both forms are amazing on their own.

Tyr and Dana look amazing. I would say the same about Ard Feainn, but (currently) Aristocrats are so incredibly bad that without major buffs they will still see no play.
Also it is interesting how both evolving cards are Doomed.
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The idea with Lilit's Omen is of course to play Deathwish units and consume them immediately, however since Rupture only damages by the base strength it might be funny to use it to play something like Koshchey + Defender.

Low base strength units such as Mammuna are also amazing targets, given that they will take minimal damage and that is it.
Also since statuses trigger after abilities (at least I assume that is the case) one could also just use a unit like Gernichora, which will transform first and then get rid of doomed and rupture that way.
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Sorry, I can't resist some initial impressions of the new cards -- even though this is probably the wrong thread for them and a new thread will probably be superseded by patchnotes in a couple of days), Hopefully the cards will be better in play than I anticipate.

General Comment: I don't like super high provision cards as they are unavoidedly binary. To be worth the provision cost, they generally play for an unhealthy amount of points in a single card (counter or lose) and, by tying up so many provisions in a single card, are very draw dependent.

Dana Meadbh: Stunning art, but otherwise not something I look forward to having enter the game; this is the type of card that makes me absolutely hate ST. It is another super-binary, one-card-carries-the-deck type card like Simlas and Saskia: Commander. It is a card that may have some interesting deck-building implications but virtually no deep, play strategy. The only significant decision is whether to play it in original or transmuted form -- and this is more likely determined by when it is drawn than conscious choice. What ST most needs are interesting, intermediate value (7-10 provision) cards that support a game plan in multiple ways -- not more expensive, over-the-top, highly pigeon-holed, boring cards like this one.

Ard Feainn: Intriguing art in a potentially interesting card -- if NG didn't already have a dozen other, probably better ways to accomplish the same thing. I like the idea of an artifact that is summoned from deck rather than played. But with Calveit, Doadrick, NG's high tempo thinning, etc., I don't see a real need for more consistency options. And Ball, Emhyr, Philippe, Fercart, Fergus, Mage Torturer, Alba Pikeman, and Van Moorlehem Servant all seem better status granters. I don't expect to see the card used.

Tyr: This gives still another reason to hate SK. It is a card that can be used opportunistically for excellent carryover in early rounds, or as an answer or lose card in round three. The biggest challenge is finding a deck which suits both uses well -- although the card is strong enough to simply plan on the transformed use. In its first form, the card could be a huge reset (akin to Morkvark: Heart of Terror) but with a 9 point body or a 9 point resilience unit that also kills off a weakened enemy. Alternatively, the transformed version is outrageous on Melusine or Sigvald -- and can be used multiple times unless locked or removed. In short, it is a flexible card that also plays for way too many points unless controlled. I expect (or at least hope) it will be quickly nerfed as it is not a reasonable addition to the game.

Melitele: Very interesting art. But my first reaction to the card is "not again". The return-to-deck mechanic is one-dimensional, artificial, uninteractive, very draw dependent, and neither fun to play nor to play against.

Lilit's Omen: Again, art I find amazing and deep. But this card is virtually unplayable for its intended purpose of pulling deathwish cards (for basically their deathwish ability alone) as it burns huge provision value for very modest return. Which relegates Omen to uses involving abuse based upon shield, transformation, boost, etc. -- uses that are likely to be abusive and in a totally uninteractive way.
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