Watch out with youtoube, and it's spoilers! And what to expect in the future.

Hey there folks, i have almost 80 hours in the game, and until today i have avoided every major spoiler. But for some reason just today there was 3 youtoube videos in my recommendation lists, wich i haven't watched, but didn't have to, since the titles of the videos contained already enough spoiler. So yeah... anyway, just be carefull. Otherwise you can end up like me, knowing 3 endings already... because some people won't even try to hide what's the ending about.
Another thing, do you guys think the cop ai is going to be fixed ? We can find videos about working chase system on yt. Oh, and soemone on reddit wrote, that he managed to find some npc-s with working day/night cycles. So maybe they are going to be eleveted into some higher quality level.
And in my opinion all the missing feature, they told us about in their interviews are going to be there, in future dlc-s/expansions. Because as i see it, in the long run, if they keep their silence, and slowly, but surely adding new elements to the game, they can keep their profit. But if they would spoil everything, then who knows...
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