Weekly Poll 06/08/20 - Faction Choice II The Guesses!


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Same as last week, only these are factions not currently described by CDPR other than an in-game mention or even just a supposed presence from a rumour of a hint! Don't know if you can work with them or for them or if they are just NPCs that chase you! At least one is made up completely!

You have two choices!

It's all poll-in this time of year!
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10 sounds like something more of my style, although first I’d need reasons to make factions go against each other. Chaos for chaos sake is not necessarily always interesting or fun for me (unless we’re talking about Just Cause :LOL: )

They make kibbledogs? Maybe! The name is great so why not?



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Don't like the idea of a long therm relationship with a faction -- I prefer the lone wolf approach --, maybe do a few jobs and that's it.

What I do like is having the option to disseminate chaos among the gangs and corpos so I can watch them fighting each other until they're all weak and fractured. Then I'll just wipe them out and take their shit.

So I'll kinda go with 9 and 10.
5 and 10 for mastermind double agent. Or something unusual 3 and 9, become John Wick in space.
Space diving with my pet dog :beer:
10. Being a double agent is so fun, yet so hard to write quests for this kind of role-playing. FNV & AoD FTW.
What happens if people they shoot have trauma team coverage? Is this an endless loop? :coolstory:

Nope. They grab everyone. Bring in extra AVs. Bill everyone too. If you keep shooting when TT arrives, that's on you. They are super clear (and famous!) about what they are there for.
It's usually helpful to be on good terms with the fuzz. Also Zetatech, because I'm biased.
1 and 2, Trauma Team because its a cool concept and don't mind grinding through this (if possible). 2 because it was closest to being part of the Cyberpsycho Squad, the unit that hunts down individuals who have gone cyberpsychotic.
I did 10 and 4 because my first playthrough will be a Nomad. I don't know if we get to choose a nomad clan or the game picks it for you since there are so many clans. I guess the clan closes to Night City.

Also, I heard that the Aldecado numbers in the millions, that is a large faction. Pretty impressive.
Gonna go with Netwatch And Trauma team. Netwatch because i think the Voodoo boy's goal of contacting the rouge AI's behind the blackwall will only doom everyone. And finally Trauma team because i used to be a ER nurse and i would love to help them out in game lol.
I voted for 3 and 4 .
3 Space would be very cool , i can`t remember if space was confirmed .
4 My first play thru will be Nomad so i`ll stick with the Family .
1 because I like medicine, saving people, and possibly killing some others. Seems like a better choice than the corporate cops
4 nice sense of family, good people lore wise, real survivors.
8 they are anti Arasaka and I think Johnny would like it.
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