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Welcome to The Hairy Bear: The Witcher Off-Topic

Welcome to the Hairy Bear

Opening on Sunday, 25th November[size=12pt]Welcome to the Hairy Bear[/size]
the tavern for our offsping and skilled Witchers
This bewitchingly and charming place invites users and staffies likewise to come to know each other. Stay for a while to have a (virtual) drink and talk about all the world and his brother or your own little precious world, wife and family, sisters and brothers, dog and hamster.Make yourself at home when you are back from work or school. Drop by when you decide to stay at home because today you are sick and tired of your favourite teacher or beloved boss.The Hairy Bear is an off topic tavern which means no inquiries about in-game issues. We have countless threads about it outside our tavern. We should have enjoyable and even funny discussions. Yes, indeed fun ;D Please don't confuse that with spam.
Anybody home ???This place is empty ! Bartender, i want a beer please....This is gonna be a quiet night if no one else come by !!
wooot?! Our first guest :eek: *ahem* I mean... welcome, what a pleasure to see you here
May be no one dares to enter cos the Hairy Bear's facade still looks a bit non inviting? o_O
Wait for me!! I'll join you in a minute as soon as I get rid of my boss..eee... some ghouls here... :pMake my beer ready, please. :D
A beer for me, and a bears grilled head.IMHO Good idea... but maybe you should put a news on community site about the opening cause nobody's got hear yet. With few noble exceptions o 'course. :)
joo say thhat nobody here ??? This make beer mor for me. Drank allllllllll day long and getting dam freaking drunk *hics* now... wait, gotago pee on a dwarf !!! Bartenderess bring ya baby another beer....
Good luck to you, guys ;) What level are you? I'm still beginner ^..^I just came home from the dentist who freed me from a cankerous tooth
Okay, that wasn't really funny but painful cos this ill tooth tortured me even with easy tasks like eating a soft croissant or a banana. But now I leave some horrible days behind me. When the dentist pulled out the tooth she asked if I want to keep it as remembrance. With a tormented facial expression I shaked my head. And... the next second the Zahin Schmartz quest came into my mind, the dwarf who collects (bestiary) teeth.I think this is a worrying signal of addiction. This tooth was really a pain in the neck and soon as I get rid of it, the game posses my thoughts.Anyway, though the wound isn't completely healed yet I think it's time for some sort of alcoholic dwarf fusel *cheers*
*cheers* Petra. I was at my dentist's as well recently. No teeth removal however.I guess your tooth would be very fine addition to Zahin's collection ;)Maki - why so low?
Where is the waitress ..these b*** is my whife! Some turd named Geralt told methat she behaves like a floozie!? Grrr..that f*** witcher will never again tell me such bulls***!! :mad:Where is she ..i will kill her now..aaaaahhhhh ..b***!!Whaaaaat...are you stupid man..out of my way you dumbass :mad: ;D :-[[MOD] As informal this topic may be, please be sure that you keep your language nice. Thank you
Thee waitress.... I saw her leaving with a long grey hair guy !! Dont know who he is but i surely can tell ya that he is not from here !
@ Daedin: I ran out of money. There was such a nice sword but is was a bit expensive. Now I have to earn some... :D
There will be soon fist figths as competetion as soon as real men line up ;Dbtw... I feel much better today :)
This sounds great I like betsI need something real strong to comfort me. It will need at least one week untill I can use my PC again :(I moved into a new flat and my PC will be the last thing to get there...So I use the internet at work.
Eh whot? Crap. Now da wench's gone, where can I be gettin' me Mahakaman?! I'm not gonna be drinkin' that pond scum ye humans shove down yer scrawny throats. 'Beer' innit? Bah! *snort*