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Welcome to The Hairy Bear: The Witcher Off-Topic

Me too, except that we called it "Adventure" and I played it on a mainframe. I finished it for the first time on an Apple ][ though.

First videogame? Pong, of course.
I never did get to play Adventure, neither mainframe Adventure nor the first Zork. I may have to go back and correct this.
Incidentally, I picked up a free copy of Adventure a couple of years ago, although I haven't got round to playing it. It claims to be a Windows version. 128K download. Ah, those were the days.
let sleeping gods die....

i admit i'm was a horrendous bungie fanatic from the age of godknowswhat and (ignoring destiny and whatever happened to halo) i am desperately excited for Marathon 4 even thought it's probably going to be a shocking stretch based on the lore of the previous ghems.

but i probably played something like loderunner or blobbo first, and i have a serious memory of my sibling introducing my to tomb raider and me thinking "I thought this was a dude's game" as the hardcore title had me confused.


I cut my teeth on my older brother's NES system which was gathering dust while he was off to college. So it was Zelda, Metroid, Blaster Master and Castlevania. When I finished college my dad gave his old PC and I bought Diablo, Divine Divinity and Lords of the Realm. I started saving for a new PC right then and there. I didn't get heavy into gaming till after college.